Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are we allowed favorites ??

I know we probably shouldn't, but if we didn't have our favorites, who would we shout out for ?  As hard as I try to shout out for every single one of the 150+, I can't. Sure, I can share a few faces here and there, but getting everyone out there to see every single one of them is just about impossible. 

So, I can share a few at a time. But how to decide who to share and when ?

First, I tried sharing those with ZERO.  Unfortunately, every time I so much as blink, more children are listed or get donation buttons and more zeros arrive. 
I , personally, think there should be a Reece's Rainbow rule where NO child can ever have a zero. A special fund, so every child gets at least $10 as soon as they are listed - how cool would that be ??  LOL

Anyhow - my choice of children to highlight today. I'm going to go through all of the listings and pick out my personal favorites - you know, those favorites that I really shouldn't have, but really can't help myself.
Some of them have been listed for what seems forever, some are fairly new listings. Some you may have seen before, some maybe not.
ALL of them need families.
ALL of them need more money in their grants so their families can find them.
They ALL have less than $100 in their grants :(
ALL of them need to be shared so they can be found by their families.

Please, do what you can to help them out - and remember, if you donate or share, let me know, so I can enter you into the great Toy and Book Giveaway !
Angelia is 11 years old, and has been living in an institution for 5 years already. She needs out !!


Another 11 year old - in fact, he was born 2 days after Angelia !
I love the long, detailed description of Daniel on RR - he sounds like so much fun and what a wonderful son he would be !!


Yet another 11 year old living in an institution.  It seems his is a nice institution - but, it's still an institution, and he needs out - he needs a family.  He attends class in a local village, though it sounds like he is a typical boy in that he prefers the non academic activities. I have to smile every time I see his picture - in his older picture, he was sitting in the exact same position :)

Randall was born in 1999, so has been waiting a LONG time for a family !!  I gave him his RR name, so I have a soft spot for him :)


Anna is 10 years old - look at that smile - who could resist ??


Oh, Carissa.  Blind, neglected, separated from her twin - she has been so traumatized in her 10 years - surely there's a family out there who can help her heal and learn what love is ??


Corwin is a fairly new listing - he's  7 years old - and I think he would make a wonderful brother to Ewan, below !!


Just love this kid !!


Sweet Jordan has been waiting forever - are you his momma ??


Glenn had Down Syndrome as well as FAS and a heart condition - but he still sounds like he's doing great ! Someone saw him this year, and apparently he's a hugger !! :)


It's all about the eyes !!!!


Noel has significant needs - but she still needs a family to love and care for her - who knows what she could be capable of when surrounded by love ??


Another little girl with many needs - but I just know she would make a wonderful daughter !!


Colin has been listed forever - have you ever seen him before ?
He'll turn 10 years old just before Christmas - and has great potential, his only problem being cerebral palsy affecting his legs !!


Another young man who will turn 10 soon.  His needs are mostly physical, and he is happy and sociable. What a GREAT son he could be !


An almost 8 year old with many needs - but the love of a family is priceless - do you know them ??


I just love Mark's cheeky little grin - I bet he's a bundle of fun !!


Am I the only one who thinks Yelena is too adorable for words ??

Well, I tried to pick just a few of my favorites. I could have gone on and on and listed more and more, but I tried to limit myself to save anyone from getting glazed eyes from seeing too many faces all at once.
You've probably noticed that there are alot more boys than girls - sorry, but I just seem drawn to boys more. I have a 9 year old son, maybe that's why - but I also know that boys get passed over more than girls.

All I ask of you is that you take the time to look at the children above - read their profiles - pray for them - maybe donate to them - and, easiest of all - SHARE them.  Their parents ARE out there - and they can't find them if they can't see them - so the more we share, the more chance they have of finding their families.

if you find in in your heart to donate, or share, remember to leave a comment with who you donated to and how much, so I can enter you into the Toy Giveaway !!!


  1. Awww - Colin, Jordan, and Carissa are some of my "favorites" too...

  2. Great post. I had a post a while back about how I have favorites, too, even though I shouldn't ...

  3. Aha, I totally have favourites...Sealey, Noel and Maksim are some of mine too :) Wish I could help them all meet their goals!!! Unfortunately I`m a university student, working, and supporting my family because my Mom has MS and cannot work... so everything is going toward paying bills at this point. But I can and have been praying, and check on "my kids" every day :)