Saturday, September 17, 2016

THREE to zap !!

After a two month absence from blogging, I'm back, and ready to shout as loud as ever !!  In case you are new here, and don't know what is going on,  it's really quite simple.  

The children below are in desperate need of adoptive families. They all have special needs, and all live in countries where those with disabilities are seen as being less worthy than others.  Parents are encouraged to leave their babies at the hospital, told that they would be better off in an orphanage. Some children are abandoned at a young age once families realize they have a disability.  As these children age, they move from the baby orphanage to an institution. Here, their chances of survival are pretty slim, thanks to a combination of lack of staff, poor living conditions, and lack of funding. Physically disabled children spend their days in cribs, with no education, therapies, toys - or love.  All of these children truly need rescuing, and thankfully there are people out there who are willing to step forward and adopt them !!  The only obstacle is, sadly, money.  Most families who are financially able to provide for a child don't have the $30,000 (or more) needed for adoption costs in their back pocket. 

This is where Reece's Rainbow comes in.  They help raise both awareness AND adoption grants for these children !!  In 10 years, Reece's Rainbow has helped over 1600 children find homes - and they have many more who have wonderful individual grants to help out with the cost of their adoption.  

The purpose of this blog is to focus on the children between the ages of 6-9, specifically those who have less than $100 in their adoption grant - and, even more specifically, to help ZAP the zeros of those who have ZERO in their grants.

Once we have all of the zeros zapped, I will list the children who have less than $100 in their grants, and we can focus on growing their grants to $100+.

So - on to the children below.  There are currently just 9 6 3 children (aged 6-9) with ZERO in their adoption grant - so it should be pretty easy to ZAP those zeros, shouldn't it ?  All you need to do is click on their name - you will then be taken to their profile on Reece's Rainbow's web site.  There, you will see a big pink DONATE button - click on that, and you will be able to donate, via Paypal or debit/credit card, to their very own adoption grant. See how easy that is ?  


Drea (2)



Thank you so much for reading - for seeing these children - and, most of all for caring.
Please feel free to share this post - the more people who read about these children, who truly SEE them, the greater the chances of them being found by their forever family !!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Too many.

I am sure that you now by now that my focus is usually on the older children, aged between 6 and 9 years - first to zap their zeros, and then to get their grants up to at least $100.  However, this has proved incredibly difficult lately, so I decided to change things up a little.  I took a look at the Zero the Zeros link at Reece's Rainbow, where they list ALL of the children with zero in their grant, whatever their age, and was appalled to see that their are currently TOO MANY children with zero in their grants  !!!
SEE them.
Marielle Auggie July 2016 Sukie July 2016 Candy Greg July 2016 Ruthie steven garry brian Neve June 2016 Edwin June 2016 Leroy Katie June 2016 Quinn Leigh (1) Everly Oakley (2) Pearl Skip (1) charlotte (2) Megan Collage Eliza Scott Jake photo Jaya Kier Ennis Evan RK  Chadwick Jonathan RK Diane RK Rory (1) Solomon Oct-2015 Lance June 2016 Asher June 2016 Anna June 2016 Artie June 2016 Craig (2) Eli James Ashton4 Mavis 1 Zayne2 Keeva-Adoptable-4yo-LD 2-001 Maggie (2) Pierre Hudson  Leena (2) Jayson Keegan Loman Cyndi for RR  Ty (2) Remy July 2016 Kyle RK Charlier Maximilian (2) Frankie Lee Rick photo Yanni RK Dionte cadence 
Did you see them ?
Did you count them ?
Sixty three children - unwanted, unloved, unseen.
63 children waiting for a family of their own.
63 children waiting for a family to take a leap of faith and spend a small fortune on their ransom.
63 children with ZERO in their adoption grant - 63 children with nothing to offer their future family other than themselves. 
63 children waiting for just ONE person to see them, waiting for that one person to see their worth, to be the first to acknowledge them, the first to reach into their heart - and their wallet.
I realize these children know nothing about Reece's Rainbow and adoption grants, I know they are totally unaware of the fact that they have zero in their grant. I'm sure they are clueless when it comes to the huge cost of adoption.  However, in MY eyes, when I see a big fat zero in a child's adoption grant, I see a child that has been passed over.
A child that no-one has deemed worth enough to throw a few dollars their way.
Please go back and look at the children again.
You will notice there are no links to their profiles - this is totally deliberate.
In order to see them again, and read all about them, you can go HERE - or click on "Reece's Rainbow" anywhere in this post.  This will take you directly to the zero the zeroes page, where you can find all of these children - their pictures and profiles. 
My hope is that at some point, clicking on that link will take you to a blank page - meaning ALL of the children above will have been seen, will have been deemed worthy, and will have had  a donation to their grant.
Can you please help ?
One last time - go HERE to see the children - they all have a big pink DONATION button on their profile - pick a child - SEE the children - read about them - click on the pink button - and get them OFF that page !!!
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Still in the $5 Club

Ten days ago I shared these children - they are all aged between 6 and 9 years old, and they all have $5 or less in their Reece's Rainbow adoption grant.

In 10 days, no-one has chosen to donate anything to help grow their grants.

Can we PLEASE see them.

Can we PLEASE throw a few dollars their way ?

Can we PLEASE share them today ?

Kamdyn - $0

Otto - $0

Noah and Mason - $0
Noah & Mason

Zaki - $5
Corbett - $5
Jordy - $5
Kipper - $5
Kipper (1)
Shaine - $5
Scout - $5
Esme - $5

Chelsea - $5
Elinor - $5
Jinger - $5
Laurel - $5
Laurel (2)
Nannette - $5
Xander - $5
Samuel and Cerah - $5
Calliope - $5
Thaddeus - $5
Emma - $5
Hank - $5
Sadie - $5
Denny - $4.95
Davie - $4.50
Walter - $4.50
Blakeley - $4.50
Blakeley (1)
Luken - $4.50
Timmy - $4.50
Hana - $4.50
Hana (2)

Luciana - $4.50
Harper - $4.50
Piper - $4.50
Ava - $4.50
Layla - $4.50
Laurel - $4.50
Aden - $4.50
Leo - $4.50
Tyler - $4.50

Ryland - $4.50

West - $0 $4.50

Please SEE them.

Click on any name in the list above and you will be taken to their Reece's Rainbow profile, where you can see their picture, and read a little about them.  You will also see a big pink donation button - you can donate via Paypal whether you have a Paypal account or not - any debit or credit card will work !!

I realize that we don't all have a lot of spare money paying around, so I totally understand if you cannot donate. However, sharing is free, and sharing is what will get these kids home into a family.  Please - share this whole post - or pick a child and share them - you can blog about them, or share them on any social media platform that you choose.

If you can't do anything else - please pray.

I thank you.