Thursday, October 4, 2012


God made the world with its towering trees,
majestic mountains and restless seas,
then paused and said, "It needs one more thing."
Someone to laugh and dance and sing,
to walk in the woods and gather flowers,
to commune with nature in quiet hours.
So God made little girls
with laughing eyes and bouncing curls,
with joyful hearts, and beautiful smiles,
enchanting ways and feminine wiles.
And when He'd completed the task He'd begun,
he was pleased and proud of the job He'd done.
For the world when seen through a little girl's eyes
greatly resembles paradise.  (Author Unknown)

These little girls are all dressed up, with their hair in the prettiest bows that could be found.  
Dressed up to get their picture taken - the picture that might make the difference between life in an institute, or on the streets, or with a family.  
These are the lucky girls - ones in orphanages who actually care enough about them to make them look pretty for their picture.  
ALL of these girls need a family. 
ALL of these girls need more money in their grants so their family can say YES.

Ana - $51

Ilyssa $50

June - $51.25

Jasmina - $25

Marina - $20

Layna - $60

Then, we have those girls who aren't so lucky.
We have to imagine what they might look like with long hair and hair bows.
Their hair is kept very short - or even shaved - to make it easier for the caregivers. 

Tania $55.20

Angelia - $50

Annie - $51.50

Hope - $5

Ekaterina - $10

Lorraine - $31.50

Jessica - $7

Jeannette - $5

So many beautiful girls, all waiting for their mommies and daddies to find them.
All desperately in need of money to help those families when they DO find them.
Can you help ??
Donate to any of the girls above, and you will receive entries into the Toy Giveaway.
Donate to any of the girls above and help save their life.
Please, don't let them down.

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