Thursday, September 27, 2012

The $10 Kids Re-Visited

Way back in the middle of the summer - July 21st, to be exact - I wrote a post about the $10 kids.  

At the time, there were 26 older children listed on Reece's Rainbow who had just $10 in their grants.

So - where are they now ? 

Two months later - how have those grants grown ??

Out of the 26 - ONE of them has been found !!!   

Eight of them have a little more in their grants than they did back in July - including ONE who has $110  !!!

Sadly - 17 of them still have just $10 in their grants.

15 of them are boys.

I wonder if anyone has even bothered to give them so much as a second glance ??

Have you ?

Yes, they're older. 

Not so cute as the little babies or adorable toddlers.

Does that mean they need less love ?

Does that mean they don't deserve a chance ?

Does that mean they should just be ignored ?

I don't think so.

And I don't think you do, either.

I think you just haven't noticed them.

Please, take some time to look at them - click on their names - read their profiles.

Share them.

Donate, if you can.

Just - don't ignore them.

They deserve so much more than that.

Seventeen children.

Overlooked by so many.

Please share.



Or do all three !!!

Remember - if you do donate or share (and why wouldn't you ??)
you get entries into the great

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