Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just SIX zeros plus 145 !!

There are only three SIX older children with zeros left !!

We all know they deserve more !!!

Remember - if you donate to either Brianna, Marina, Buddy, Weston, Ella or Kevin, your entries into the Toy Giveaway will be doubled !!

There are still 151 children with less than $100 in their grants

Please go HERE, scroll down through all the wonderful prizes, and look at the LONG list of names.

Surely, you can help one of them out ??

Even if you can't manage a donation, you can definitely share !!

THANK YOU to everyone who is donating and sharing !!

The giveaway ends October 18th - don't miss out !!!!

These children need you - they have been passed over so many many times !

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