Sunday, January 22, 2012

The boys have it !!

Amazing !!! The boys have been zeroed !!! NONE of the boys age over 6 have zero in their accounts !!! Let's hear it for the boys !!!! Gary, Dmitri, Erik and Walter were the last boys - now, they're zeros no more !! Also - Patti - a zero no more. That means that there are only ELEVEN zeros left - please, go to their profiles and help them out !! There are 10 girls in the 6-9 Other Angels category, and a new zero in the 6-9 Girls with Down Syndrome category - we're nearly there - we CAN do it - we CAN zero the zeros !!! Click on their names to go to their profiles and help them out !! Look at those faces - how can you NOT help them ??

and don't forget the triple whammy girls - older, no picture, and zero in their grants -

Please, let's see if we can get rid of the last few zeros, so we can get a start on our next goal, which will be announced just as soon as we zero ALL the zeros !!

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