Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fifteen left !!!

Just a quick update this evening - and a big thank you !! Four of the boys from my last post are no longer zeros - someone, somewhere - maybe one of you reading this right now, saw their worth, and helped them out. Terry, Andrew, Arthur and Caesar - zeros no more :) Again - thank you !

Also - ALL of the girls in the Down Syndrome girls aged 10+ now have a little something in their grants - Margit, Dawn, Lynette, Emilija, Natalija. Zeros no more.

Also - in the HIV age 6-9 category - Yelena, and Jenny & Jordan - zeros no more.

Also, in the Other Angel Girls age 6-9 - Brittany and Alisha - zeros no more.

THIRTEEN less zeros. Out of 171 zeros back in September - there are now only FIFTEEN left. 15 children. Four boys. Eleven girls. Please - go and find them - they're in the Other Angel Boys 6-9, and Other Angel girls 6-9 categories on Reece's Rainbow. Erik, Walter, Dmitri, Gary, Elise, Olive, Erin, Patti, Leila, Noel, Ginger, Linda, Judie, Leesa and Allie. Fifteen beautiful children - only 15 left. we CAN do this !

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