Sunday, January 15, 2012

Triple whammy

These 8 boys listed on Reece's Rainbow face a triple whammy - they are older, they have zero in their grants, and they don't have a photo in their profile. They get passed over more than most - with no picture to look at, there seems to be no point in even reading their profile. Who wants to choose a child in a photo listing if there isn't even a photo ? Who wants to donate to a faceless child ? How about you ??

Caesar - Boy, DOB: June 03, 2004

Location: Asia

Caesar currently lives in foster care. He is diagnosed with developmental delays and may also have symptoms of Autism. He is described as kindhearted and does not bully the other children.

Erik - Boy, born 3/29/04

An incredibly handsome and charming boy who is seven years old, physically healthy and diagnosed with moderate mental retardation. This little guy is quite independent in self care areas and enjoys eating and playing with others. He lived with his birth family for the first three years of his life, currently resides in an institution and receives speech and occupational therapy. He loves music and books and enjoys the computer. His adorable face makes him a favorite of his caregivers who report him to be popular with his classmates. It is felt that he would make more progress in learning and development in a family setting with consistent care. Resilience is the word to describe this little boy who grieved hard for his biological family and who now longs for a family to love him as their own.

Walter - Boy, DOB: November 29, 2004

Location: Asia

Walter is hearing impaired and currently wears hearing aids. There is additional information available through the agency, including updated auditory reports.

Terry - Boy, born 4/23/04

An eight year old who loves classical music! What a sweetheart. This little boy loves music and likes to shake a maracas! He enjoys his caregivers and is described as a peaceful boy who is a "people person". His medical history is significant for quadriplegic cerebral palsy, he is fed by gastrostomy tube, has seizures and severe developmental delays. His resilient character has helped him to survive a variety of different kinds of physical and mental challenges since his birth. He is in need of a strong and committed forever family who would be willing to embrace and open their hearts to the unknowns in his future. With the support of a family and various health professionals he would indeed flourish.

Dmitri - BOY, born July 5, 2003

Diagnosis: vegetative-vascular dystonia, scoliosis

Gary - Boy, born 10/3/03

Please meet the sweetest boy in his home! he is described by his caregivers as having a "smile of sunshine"! With the support of healthy professionals and community resources, and a stable and committed family who wishes to nurture this angel , he will grow and face whatever challenges are ahead with courage! His history of epilepsy and severe grade mental retardation limit his development but he is currently able to walk with support. He enjoys using a wheelchair when he travels between home and school or when he goes on an outing. He receives regular physiotherapy training and is able to feed himself with a special spoon made just for him. His caregivers say he is a cheerful and curious boy and they look forward to him one day finding his forever family!

Andrew - Boy, DOB: September 29, 2005

Location: Asia

Andrew was born to a mother with AIDS. He was treated as an “AIDS baby” until test results in 2007 confirmed that he does NOT have HIV/AIDS. All tests were negative. He has been in 3 different foster homes since birth. He had 2 siblings that were adopted (one domestically and one to another country).
He had laser treatment for retinal detachment and now wears glasses to correct his vision. He receives speech therapy and cognitive therapy. In August 2009, he was given cognitive testing and it was determined that he could attend kindergarten without any extra support. Photos and additional documents on Andrew are available through the agency.

Arthur - BOY, born January 15, 2004

Diagnosis: severe scoliosis.

These boys are the only ones on their category - "Other Angel Boys Age 6-9" who still have zero in their accounts. All it takes is a few dollars - they have been passed over so many times, please share their names and profiles and see if we can help them out a little ?

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