Saturday, January 28, 2012

The $20 Club

Wow - in 2 days we already have 12 children who have joined the $20 Club !! Ruslan, Zane, Leonard, Elise, Ilyssa, Diana, Octavia, Dylan #17-3, Tanner #31-1, Marlowe #18-1, Dixon #2-3, and Cullen #12-4 all have at least $20 in their grants, when 2 days ago, they had a few dollars less ! Thank you !!! What a wonderful start - and some of the first to get to $20 are some of the last who got rid of their zero - how cool is that ?? :)

So - having consulted the numbers, we now have 111 children aged 6+ with less than $20 in their grants.

$1 - Ginger, Linda, Judie, Leesa

$2 - Grant

$2.50 - Olive, Leila, Noel,

$5 - Marina, Christine S. 8CH, Elaine, Brittany, Victoria (43), Alisha, Caesar, Francis, Parker, Sasha, Glenn, Gary, Dmitri, Troy, Joey, Arthur, Andrew, Niko, Terry, Walter, Erik, Anderson, Megan, Anjelica, Ahmed R. 14G, Luke, Davey, Kolya #7-2, Drew #6-1, Cyril S. 2H, Nicholas 2H, Avery 3G, Mark 14, Ana 26HA, Jenny&Jordan, Yelena, David 2H, Andrew P. 26HA, Drew B. 26HA, Yuri, Eric, Andrey, Christian, Taylor, Greg 2H, Benjamin 15H, Natalija L60, Lance, Frank, Ahren, Rhonda, Prudence, Kelly, Brian, Gerard, Devon, Larisa, Irina 26HA.

$6 - Erin, Carter, Donald, Cullen, Kristofer, Ross, Nathan, Alexander G.13G.

$8.80 - Kaleb #6-5.

$10 - Russ, Marcus, Danielle 2H, Devon 5G, Kyle (Ch), Charles, Mitko #21-8, Mikale #6-6, Dylan, Alexei, Maxim 15H

$11 - Janna, Chrystyna, Allie-CH, Sealey, Matvey, Evan, Jason, Silas, Patrick 2H, Vitaly, Samson, Samuel #3-2, Jordan, Alicia, Maggie 2H.

$12 - Angelia.

$13 - Kate 26HA.

$15 - Berkeley, Irina, Mckenna, Margit #6-4, Dawn #17-1, Lynette #17-2, Emilija L64.

$16.20 - Cindy.

Please, if you can, help out one or more of these children - these may be baby steps, but, all joined together, they will help move mountains ;)

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