Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !! 
As you prepare to spend Christmas with your family and friends, please spare a thought for those who have no family. 
Kids who, through no fault of their own, spend their days and nights in orphanages and institutions.
Sammy (Asia)
Kids with no-one to call mommy or daddy. Kids who wait year after year for a family to call their own.
Hayden (Asia)
Most times, the only thing standing between these kids and a family is money.
Adoption is expensive - families who could provide a wonderful life for their kids, who COULD provide food, shelter, education, medical help, therapies and most of all LOVE, just don't have tens of thousands of dollars laying around to fund an adoption.
The grants provided by Reece's Rainbow help offset the cost of adoption - wouldn't YOU love to help a child find a family - especially at this time of year ? 
George #19-2
Please take a look at these kids - read their profiles - see their faces - maybe share them or even donate a few dollars ? 
Nash (2004)
Advocates are trying to raise $1000 for the adoption grant of every child on the Angel Tree this year. 
Children of all ages - mostly kids with Down Syndrome, but some with other special needs - who wait and wait for a family.
Please, show them some love this year ? 
I'd love for you to pick a child on the Angel Tree who hasn't yet received $1000 - it doesn't have to be "my" boys Sealey and Seton - pick ANY child - and if you can't do anything else, spare a thought for them, maybe say a prayer for them - share their profile - and CARE, if only for a minute or two.
Thank you and Merry Christmas !!
Seton  Sealey (48)

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