Friday, December 11, 2015

Auction and Angels

In case you have forgotten, it is Angel Tree season, and I have pledged to raise $1000 for my TWO Angel Tree boys !!
The first is Seton, who is 5 years old and blessed with an extra chromosome - and we have TWO photos of him !!
Seton (2) Seton
He currently lives in a foster home in the grounds of an orphanage. According to his profile, he is bright and has a ready smile. Seton likes to communicate with others and is sharing and happy while playing with other children. He understands and follows directions well. Seton likes children’s songs, playing outside, drawing, imitating, and playing with blocks and balls. He sounds like he would fit perfectly in just about any family !!
My second Angel Tree child this year is Sealey, who just turned 11 years old this year. Sealey has cerebral palsy, and truly needs a family to help him become the best he can be. Sealey needs out of the orphanage he lives in, where chances are he receives no education, therapies, hugs or love. He most probably spends his days laying in a crib, or, if he's lucky, sitting in a chair.  This photo is a few years old, but I doubt that he has grown much since then. 
One of my fundraisers is Angels for Sealey and Seton !
These angels are about 7" tall, and made of a light cardboard.
They are a wonderful little craft for children of all ages !!
They are Magic Color Scratch Angel Ornaments.
You make this angel's gown colorful! Just scratch designs onto her dress with a scratching tool then hang these Magic Color Scratch Angel Ornaments on a Christmas tree or use them as creative gift tags !
These would be great for your own kids, or buy a few for their Sunday School, daycare, school, Christmas party or a family gathering.  They are quick and easy, and oh so colorful !
Each Angel is just $1, with a minimum order of 5 (to offset crazy Paypal fees). Shipping is FREE, each angel will have a ribbon, and for every 2 angels ordered, you will receive a scratching tool.
To order - please make payment to either Sealey or Seton's Angel Tree fund - you can click on their name, or on their photos on the sidebar above.
Then, send your receipt to me at , at the same time letting me know your correct mailing address and how many Angels you would like, and I'll ship them to you as soon as possible. 
Remember - any payments made directly to the boys grants are tax deductible - AND if you donate $35 or more, you will receive a beautiful Christmas ornament, sent to you directly from Reece's Rainbow !!
My second current fundraiser is an online Facebook auction.
There are over 100 items up for grabs - here is just a sampling.

Please be sure to check it out and get some bids in - this auction ends on SUNDAY DECEMBER 13TH - click HERE to see what's up for grabs !! 
Obviously, I would love for you to help out with Sealey and Seton's grants - but there are also many many other boys and girls on the Angel Tree - you can click on the link below to see them all !!
Please help in any way you can.  These boys - and ALL the children of Reece's Rainbow - need you more than you can ever possibly imagine. Without people who care, without advocates to share them, without donors to raise their grants, and without families to step up to adopt - without LOVE - these children have no hope. 

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