Sunday, December 27, 2015


Folks, it's time to start REALLY shouting, time to drive friends and family crazy, time to bombard Twitter, Facebook, and any other social platform you use.
The Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has only FOUR days left - just FOUR days to get ALL of the children to their goal of $1000 in their Angel Tree grants !!
Happily, 23 children already have reached their goal, and have more than $1000 in their Angel Tree grants !!
Also, FIVE children have had a family step forward to adopt them !!
Sadly, as of writing this, there were still FIVE children with less than $500 in their Angel Tree grants.
Lisa-2002   Ryan
Gable (1)    Moses (Asia)
There are 125 children with between $500 and $750 currently in their grants.
Then we have EIGHT children between $750 and $1000.
All in all, this means we have a LONG way before ALL of the children reach their $1000 goal - and only 4 days to do it in.
Can we do it ?
I believe we can.
Can we do it alone ?
Absolutely not.
We need everyone to shout, to share, to donate a few dollars, to pray, to post on Facebook, to tweet on Twitter, to blog, to basically do anything and everything that is in your power to get the word out.
These kids have nothing.
No home of their own.
No family.
No dignity.
No love.
Malachi  Lee (Asia)  Adelaide
They all need a family to step forward and adopt them.
They need money in their grants to help that family with the outrageous costs of adoption.
Cristoff Paige #68 Zeke (L)
Families that DO have great houses, great jobs, great health insurance and great support usually don't have tens of thousands of dollars in their back pocket.
Families that CAN provide everything an orphan with special needs could want or need - a home, food, education, therapies, doctors - LOVE - are also normal families, just like you or I.  They CAN provide for their family's needs, maybe have a small savings account - but cannot afford $30,000 or more to fund and adoption without saving for many many years.
Maisie EE-4  Lyle Jayce
These kids don't have many many years - the longer they spend in orphanages and institutions, the worse their physical condition will get.
The longer they go without the love that only a family can provide, the less their ability to love in return will get. 
The longer they spend being neglected and starved, the greater their chance of dying without a family will get.
Shaw Grayson Sammy (Asia)
Please - SEE these children.
Don't see their diagnosis - don't write them off.
They are children, first and foremost, just like YOUR children.
Try and picture YOUR child alone and unloved.
YOUR child spending day after day in a crib, with no toys, no hugs, insufficient food, and wearing reused disposable diapers, maybe getting them changed once a day.
Try and picture YOUR child being hungry all of the time.
It's been said that it takes a village to raise a child.
In the world of orphans around the world, it takes a village to SAVE a child.
Please - see these kids and do what you can to help them.
Don't let them become a statistic, don't let them die alone, like these children.
Please pick a child - any child - see the child - read their profile (if you're on the Angel Tree page, click on their name) - share them - help them - pray for them - donate to them - shout off the roof tops for them !!
If not you - then who ?

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