Saturday, June 2, 2012

A challenge for YOU.

How often do you look at the kids listed on Reece's Rainbow ?  How often do you look at the numbers, at their grants, and see how they're doing ? Do you notice new photos pretty much as soon as they are posted ?  Do you know when new children are listed ? Do you wonder where a certain child has disappeared to ?  Do you just look at certain kids - "your" kids ? Do you look at a certain age group ? A certain category ?  Do you ever take the time to scroll through 


I don't.  I rarely look at the younger children. I focus, as you have probably noticed,on the older kids. Those aged over 6.  I do read many blogs, and when a child is mentioned on a blog or on Facebook, I may click on the link to look at that particular child's profile. That's all, though. 

Apart from the older children. 
I scroll through the older categories several times a week. I look at their pictures. I look at their grants. Or lack of. I see new faces. Newly listed children. Children who have "aged out" of the younger age groups. Children who have been passed over. Time and time again. 
Sometimes - I feel guilty that I am scrolling through them too fast, in order to get a task done. If I'm updating my lists, and it's getting late, I might not take the time to look at each and every child.  I'll just look at the numbers and pass on by. I try not to, though. 
I try to look into their eyes. I look at what they are wearing. What is in the background of their picture ? What are their surroundings like ? Are they in a crib ? Playing with a toy ? Do they look like they're well taken care of ? Loved? Neglected ?
 What were they thinking when the picture was taken. Did they have any idea WHY the picture was being taken ? 
What about the children without a picture ? I read their descriptions and try to picture them in my mind.  I probably get it totally wrong most of the time, but I do try.  

Have you ANY idea how many children are currently listed in total on Reece's Rainbow ?  I don't. Not the total. I DO know how many children aged over six are listed as of this morning.  Can you guess ? Have you seen them lately ? All those faces ? They're real people, you know. Real children. Born from real moms and real dads. They were, just months ago, teeny tiny little babies, even more helpless than they are now. Now, they have experienced a little bit of life, as they know it. Not a wonderful life, but life  - they have learned that they will, if they're lucky, get fed once in a while. They'll maybe get clean clothes, their diaper changed, the chance to play. They'll interact, in one way or another, with their caregivers and the other children. If they're lucky, they might even be educated, get therapy, have outside visitors. Most of them know no other life, this is all they've ever know in their short lives. 

How many children are listed aged over the age of 6 ?

Go on - take a guess. I'll tell you in a second - and I'm betting you have it way wrong. How about you do this. I have a challenge. Click on the links below. Scroll through every child's picture on each link. Look into their eyes. Don't count - just look. Look into their eyes. Read their profile. See how much they have in their grant, if they have one. See how many children there are that you've never even noticed before. While you're doing that, I'm going to go and look into the eyes of every single child aged UNDER the age of 6.
When you're done, take a guess at how many children you have seen. How many eyes you have gazed into. Then come back here, and I'll tell you how many older kids there are.

Is your heart broken yet ?

How did you do ? Be honest - did you REALLY do it ?
  If you did - how many faces do you think you saw ?  Any idea ? 

As of this morning, June 2nd 2012, there were

420  418

children over the age of 6 listed on Reece's Rainbow. Were you close ? 
 Did you have any idea ?
Did you look into their eyes ? Every last one of them ? 
Did you study their faces, try and imagine their lives ? 
Did you see faces you have never noticed before ?
Children who have slipped under your radar ?
Children - just like all the other children - who YOU have passed over time and time again ? 

I have another challenge. 
Go back. Look again.
 Find a child you had never seen before - never seen in a blog, never seen on Facebook, a child you didn't know, until now, that they even existed. 
Then go - to Facebook - to your blog - to your husband - your kids - your friends - anyone, anyway, anyhow - and SHOUT for that child. 
Chances are - if YOU never noticed that child before, other people have probably never seen them before. Pick a child. SHARE that child. 
SHOUT for that child. 
Give that child a chance !!!  If you can - donate a little to that child. 

Out of 420 418 older children.
206 have MORE than $50 in their grants
112 110 have LESS than $50 in their grants.
102 don't have their own grants yet !!
There are many newer children listed with ZERO in their grants.
There are many children who have been listed forever with less than $50.

More importantly - there are 420 418 children who NEED A FAMILY.

Please - give a shout out today for at least one of them.

If not you - then who ?

Please - come back and leave a comment about WHO you're shouting for !!



  1. I gave a shout out for a child with ADHD named Rory on my facebook page. Cannot believe a child must spend his life locked up because of ADHD!

  2. I love Parker and will do a post on him soon!!

  3. I'll try to advocate for Kolya in #7. But there's also Marcus, who stole my heart a long time ago.


  4. Sweet Emerson!

  5. Tim!

  6. Edward :)

  7. Sabin