Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unwanted ?

This is Carissa

She turns 10 this month.

She is a twin.

She is blind, has developmental delays, and has flat feet.

She lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.

Her profile on Reeces Rainbow says the following:

Carissa and her twin sister were in an orphanage from birth, until their aunt took them into her home.  They did not receive the medical care they needed, and Carissa lost her vision.  After three years, when they became 6 years old, the girls were taken back to an orphanage.
 Unfortunately, the girls were separated in different orphanages due to Carissa’s blindness, and her sister was adopted.  Carissa is well cared for in her internat, but she was very lonely without her sister.  That is why she was placed in intensive care unit. The girl was in a deep psychological shock – she was separated from her sister, the only person she had, and placed to unknown people. She was scared, and she regressed.  In internat they thought that Khistina can not move and talk.  She was diagnosed with deep mental retardation.  Before going to the internat she was walking by the hand, reacted to outside world and recognised people. Not only did she talk, but she was singing!  Now she had no motivation to sing, to move, to talk. The girl refused food. During four months in internat she literally become a skeleton.
 Several kids from that internat were brought to a major city for medical help. Carissa started eating better and sitting up. She could not walk, her feets were very weak.  This girl needs care and attention, and will blossom in a family.

Her story so far is tragic - but if she had a family to call her own, can you imagine how she would blossom ? Do you know her family ? Are you her mommy ? Or daddy ? 
Please - share her profile - you might just be the one who gives her the gift of a family !!  
She has a pitiful $24 in her grant. Can you help that grow ?

This is Carly

She will turn 11 in October. 
This is what her profile says about her
Has a sister who has already been adopted
Look at her and her adorable pig tails!
History of tonsillitis, anemia, tachycardia, heart murmur. Moderate mental delay; Speech delays, speech is unclear and vocabulary in minimal; delay of intellectual, behavioral, emotional, and social development were also noted. She has poor posture and myopia.
Carly attends special classes, she can write her name and speaks in simple sentences. She does not show interest in learning. She prefers to play alone and tends to show aggression towards other children. She struggles with self control. Carly enjoys playing with dolls, creating stories, and being in the spotlight. She enjoys singing and dancing.
Carly has $5 in her grant. What chance does she have of being adopted ? 
Can you help ?

This is Daisy

Daisy is 7 years old.
Epilepsy; Other paralytic syndromes (cerebral palsy); Microcephaly; Coloboma of optic disc; Severe mental delays; intracranial injury. 
Daisy is a sweet flower who needs a family to really blossom!  Otherwise, she’s destined to a life in an institution.
She has a big, fat ZERO in her grant.

This is Tsveti
She had Down Syndrome.
She would have been 11 years old.
She spent her life alone. In a crib.
She died alone. Unwanted. Unloved.
She had $20 in her grant.

Please, don't let this happen to any more children.
These girls are all unwanted. Unloved. 
Or are they ?
Please - share.

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