Thursday, May 3, 2012

Orphanage 1

"Orphanage 1" is an institution where orphans with both mental and physical disabilities are sent when they "age-out" of the baby houses. The kids are malnourished, are very small for their age, and are severely delayed.

"Orphanage 1" is the last stop for these kids—there is no way out, other than for a few who are chose for adoption.

All of the children below have been transferred to "Orphanage 1", and will live the rest of their lives there, unless they are one of the lucky ones, and find a family. They have next to no chance of this happening with the amounts they currently have in their grants. Families who CAN afford to house, feed, cloth and educate their children do not usually have the $30,000 or more needed to finance an adoption in their back pocket. These children need ALL the help they can get. Money is not going to magically appear in their grants - one of US - one of YOU - one of your friends - have to be the ones to help them. We cannot just turn our backs on them, and figure someone else will donate. We CAN afford a few dollars, no matter how much we THINK we can't, we CAN.

Look at the children. 
Look into their eyes.
 Help them. 

Tyson  age 12 -$20

Lauren - age 10 - $40

Alisha - age 9 - $30

Glenn  - age 8 - $20

Colin - age 9 - $27

Leo - age 9 - $22.50

Nolan  - age 7 - $22.50

Please, donate to the children above - share their faces - their profiles


Our goal is to get them up to or beyond the $50 mark by the 4th of July.
That's nothing compared to what their families would need to bring them home.
But - it's a start.  
Baby steps.
Help them.
Click on their name now, and donate. 
A few dollars that you'll never miss.
You can do it.
Help them.

The children below are also in the same institution. They have at least $50 in their grants - some have a substantial amount - but they are still waiting. Please, feel free to donate to them also, and share them with everyone you know. Their families ARE out there.


Andrew (no picture)
Boy, Born December 3, 2001
 You know he is the one, when you walk into the building, he runs to greet you and takes you for a tour of the place.  :)   Andrew is medically healthy, but shows many of the facial characteristics of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).    He is cognitively delayed, but active and friendly, with great potential in a family environment.

Please help them.
If not you. Then who ?


  1. So excited to see orphanage one on here. My fiancee and I decided to donate to one of these kids (with our wedding party's blessing) in lieu of wedding favours since we aren't in a place to adopt yet. Hope to see some of these guys on the My family found me page soon :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring the orphanage one kids! I've been doing a series on orphanage one on my blog and am so glad when others shout for them too!