Saturday, April 28, 2012

One hundred and one...

We have had a great week, with several children jumping the $50 wall, and one being found !!  Go HERE to read all about Joey, who will be Valentin's brother !!  Congratulations to the Ashton family !! :)

Unfortunately, there are still 101 children aged over 6 with less than $50 in their grants.  This includes SEVEN newly listed children who have a big, fat ZERO.  Also, three children with less than $20.  PLEASE help - I started this blog last fall, to ensure that NO child was seen as a zero - and we succeeded. Sad fact is - there are always more children that become available for adoption, and they all have to start somewhere - and that somewhere starts with z for zero.  Please, let's rally around and get rid of all these zeros, before more arrive and we become totally overwhelmed ! 

Then we have three little boys with less than $20
Can you help get them over the $20 wall ?
 How about the $50 wall ?

Joey  (no picture)
Boy, Born May 2005
This curly hair boy was born on 5/2005. He is of Hispanic-African descent. Dark skin and dark curly hair, with big brown eyes and a fabulous smile! He likes to play kickball. He enjoys exploring the outdoors. He likes to stack blocks. When he’s successful, he will clap his hands. He can turn the pages of books. He communicates through gestures. He will often bring his caregiver over to something to show his wants or needs. He understands simple instructions. This darling boy waits for his own wonderful family because he has Down Syndrome. We previously had this darling child listed through a different agency, but he is available again now and hope we can find a family for him soon!

I totally understand if you cannot donate at this time - or if you feel like you cannot donate enough - but even if it's only $5, it makes a huge difference.  Can't manage $5 ?  
Can you share ? On Facebook ? Twitter ? Your blog ?  Parenting groups ? Newsletters ?  You just never know - you might share one of these beautiful faces, a friend of a friend might share - and someone, somewhere, might see their child smiling back at them.  
They won't find them without your help - so, please


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