Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's wrong with boys ??

There are still 101 children aged over six listed on Reece's Rainbow who have less than $50 in their grants.  That's101 too many. Can you guess how many are boys, and how many are girls ?  You'd think it would be about half and half, wouldn't you ? Well, you'd be wrong. By a long shot. 

Out of 101 children with less than $50 in their grant, 66 are boys, 35 are girls. Almost twice as many boys as girls. Why ? 
What's wrong with boys ?  Personally, I've always preferred boys. 
When I was eleven, and my mum was pregnant with her third baby, I SO wanted a brother (I already had an older sister). No, she was a sister. 
I was so sad, at the time. 

She didn't turn out so bad, though. Baby sister is on the left.
 Big sister has the big pink hat :)

As an adult, I have worked with many many many children of all ages, shapes and sizes - and I'll be the first to admit that most of my favorite kids have been boys. I have no idea why - but, I was a tom boy growing up, so I guess it's just the way I am. Thankfully, my one and only child is a boy - I'm sure I would have been just fine if he'd been a girl, but I'm happy with him just the way he is :)

Here's another statistic for you.  Out of the 66 boys with less than $50 in their grants, MORE THAN HALF are in the "Other Angels" categories. 

There are almost as many "Other Angel" boys as there are girls from all categories.  

34 Other Angel Boys
35 Girls (Down Syndrome, HIV, Other Angels) 

Do you know what's really sad ? 
Only about 4 of those 34 have a "Guardian Angel"

Please - if you are not able to donate at this time - consider signing up to be a Guardian Angel for one of these boys !!  
I am actually Guardian Angel to a younger child - goes against the grain, I know, but read HERE to find out why I am advocating for Neville.

As well as preferring boys over girls, I have also always preferred working with "Other Angels" over the years. Many moons ago I worked for several summers at a summer camp for children with special needs. We had children with every disability imaginable, including, of course, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy etc etc. I much preferred the kids with cerebral palsy, and those who were more severely affected by their disability. The more "needs" they had, the harder I fell for them.  I was reminded today of one little boy who only came to camp once - his family were originally from Russia. When I worked with him, I had no clue about the way disabled people are treated in other parts of the world. Looking back, I now realise how lucky that little boy was that his family were able to move over here. He's the one in the wheelchair. The boy on the right - his family escaped from Romania. Another lucky boy. 
That's me in the middle. I don't look like that any more - this was almost 20 years ago - wonder where they are now ??

So - 34 Other Angel Boys. What can we do about it ? 
Well, we could adopt them.
We could pray for them.
We could be their Guardian Angel.
We could share share share.We could donate.
What would YOU like to do today ?

    Tyson $40                                Lance $24                  Nathan $20

     Frank $24                            Jack $25                           Arnold $6

       Cooper $45                      Benji  $27                       Erik $20

     Francis $30                              Troy $20                Russ $30     

    Ross $30                                Patrick 2H $20          Caesar $20

      Alan $32.50                             Carter $27.60           Walter $30           

        Andrew $20                                   Parker $26                  

   Sasha $30                              Niko $30               Glenn $20           

         Leo $22.50                           Evan $20             Jason $20           

   Nolan $22.50                            Anderson $30           Sealey $20             

     Vitaly $20                         Matvey $33.50     Colin $27 

     Arthur - $20 - BOY, born January 15, 2004 Diagnosis: severe scoliosis

     Dmitri - $24 - BOY, born July 5, 2003 Diagnosis: vegetative-vascular                                 dystonia, scoliosis

Thirty four little boys.
What's wrong with them ?

They are perfect.
They just need some love.
Some prayers.
Help them ?
Help them get up to or beyond $50.
Become their Guardian Angel.

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