Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank you thank you thank you !!!!

Thanks to many donations, all but 12 children had made it to $20 by this morning. I made my matching donations, and now ALL the kids have at least $20 in their grants !! I used the extra matching money to boost the grants of a few of the kids, so many have over $20.

Of course - you can still donate - they need all the $$ and sharing they can get !!

Again - thank you !!

Of course -a special thanks to Julia's Army - her blog has so many more followers who are the best advocates for Reece's Rainbow ever !! She's also a much better blogger than me - ONE of these days I'll learn how to make my blogs look a little more professional :)

Of course - this isn't the end. There WILL be a new goal.

I have an idea of what it is.

So watch this space :)


  1. Yay!!! So glad the goal was met! Watching to see what the new one will be! Thanks for noticing the "unnoticed" ones!

  2. Just found you through Julia's blog, glad the goal isn't over :)

  3. I checked with Project Hopeful and they do still have the grants for Nico and Sasha! They no longer photo list children from these boy's country; however, the grants are still listed there as "Eastern European Grant 1" and "Eastern European Grant 2".

    That means both of those boys are $2k-3k closer to having a family!