Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chipping away !!

I have issued a challenge - I will match $ for $ every donation that gets a child up to $20. For example - if you donate $10 to a child, I will donate $10 to that same child, or another child with less than $20. If you donate $50 - unfortunately, I can only match the amount that got them up to $20. I will keep matching until every child listed below is up to $20. Please do what you can !

This was where we stand as of about 6.30pm this evening. There are now only 24 children with less than $20 - and that will change when I get my matching donations in - 17 children have already jumped over the $20 wall this evening, and 2 are a few dollars closer !!!

UPDATE - I will make my matching donations tomorrow (Good Friday). Things are going so well, I'm having a hard time keeping up :):) I will figure out in the morning who still needs $$, and then post who my matching donations have gone to. IF, by some miracle, all (or most of) the kids have made it to $20 - I will try and split my donations as fairly as possible. Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or shared !

Mark $6

Drew $6

Ana $6

Eric $6

Andrey $6

Yuri $6

Ross $6

Donald $6

Diagnosis: vegetative-vascular dystonia, scoliosis

Parker $6 - BOY, born March 20, 2005 Parker is a handsome boy with big brown eyes! He is moderately cognitively delayed, and has a secondary cardiopathy. Parker will be a wonderful son!

Lance $6

Frank $6

Rhonda $6 -Girl, born 1/22/2000

Meet this eleven year old cutie pie! She is the winner of a Good Student Award in 2011. She enjoys learning and her classmates and likes to serve others as well. She is good at imitating sounds and using signs. She enjoys music and has made tremendous progress in her development over the last few years. She is described as a calm, contented and very resilient girl with Chromosomal Disorder and Microcephaly. Given her special needs she has come far and would only gain more with a family to call her own!

Prudence $6 - Girl, born March 4, 2000

AWARD WINNER!! This little girl is the winner of the Most Studious in her class! In the eyes of her teachers she is a positive, enthusiastic and very hardworking student. By holding the wrist of an adult she is able to walk and enjoys listening to music. Although she is considered to be a child with severe special needs she is described as one of the most responsive children in her home. She loves to be sung to, talked to, touched , hugged and giggles out loud when tickled. She has a history of respiratory illnesses, congenital chromosomal disorder and global developmental delay due to mental retardation. Despite her diagnoses of multiple health issues, this sweetheart continues to grow and live joyfully every day. She deserves to enjoy the one-on-one family relationship that only a family can give her!!

Russ $10

Francis $10

Linda $10 - Girl, DOB: July 26, 2005 Location: Asia

Linda has mild developmental delays. She receives speech therapy once a week. She’s currently living with a foster family.Photos, a video and additional information is available through the agency.

Alisha $10

Johanna and Jordan $18

Please - share these faces - even if you can't donate, please share - you never know where their Mommy and Daddy might first see their faces and fall in love with them !

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