Friday, March 2, 2012

One month statistics

As of February 29th, there were 324 children over the age of 6 listed on Reece's Rainbow. 75 of them have less than $20 in their accounts. 167 have MORE than $20 in their accounts !! 82 do not yet have their own grants. Remember, we're taking baby steps here, slowly growing the grants of each child. I realize that most people reading this blog are busy raising money for their own adoption, or advocating for a certain child. I understand. I see the desperate cases, the children about to age out of their orphanage. I want to help them all, just like everyone else. However, I can't. BUT - I can help some. I can help with a few dollars here or there. The hard part is deciding WHO to help. SO, I set the goal. A few dollars is all it takes to reach the goal. Baby steps. Please, go to the following categories, and help out the kids with next to nothing. 75 children. We can do it !!

Down Syndrome Boys aged 6-9 (14 boys with less than $20)

$5 - Luke, Davey, Kolya #7-2, Grant, Nicholas 2H, Mason.
$10 - Devon 5G, Kyle, Charles, Mitko #21-8, Mikale #6-6, Dylan, Alexei, Maxim 15H

Down Syndrome Girls aged 6-9 (1 girl with less than $20))

$10 - Angelica

Other Angel Boys aged 6-9 (21 boys with less than $20)

$5 - Caesar, Sasha, Glen, Troy, Joey, Niko, Walter, Erik, Anderson

$6 - Parker, Carter, Donald, Kristofer, Ross, Nathan, Dmitri

$10 - Francis, Russ, Chase 9HA

$12 - Cullen

$15 - Patrick 2H

Other Angel Girls aged 6-9 (13 girls with less than $20)

$5 - Christine S. 8CH, Elaine, Brittany, Olive, Leila, Victoria (43), Judie

$10 - Erin, Noel, Alisha, Linda,

$15 - Irina, Chrystyna

HIV aged 6-9 (16 boys and girls with less than $20)

$5 - Mark 14, Ana 26HA, Naomi, Celeste

$6 - Avery 3G, Yelena, David 2H, Andrew P. 26HA, Drew B. 26HA, Yuri, Eric, Andrey, Christian, Taylor, Benjamin 15H

$10 - Maggie 2H

Other Angel Boys aged 10+ (3 boys with less than $20)

$6 - Lance, Frank

$15 - Tyson

Other Angel Girls aged 10+ (2 girls with less than $20)

$6 - Rhonda, Prudence

HIV aged 10+ (5 boys and girls with less than $20)

$6 - Brian, Gerard, Devon

$10 - Irina 26HA

$15 - Larissa

What would it take to get all 75 of these children up to $20 in their grants?


Please. Help if you can. If you can't help, that's fine - but, please, if you can, spread the word, let's see what we can do for these kids !

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