Saturday, February 18, 2012

You can't save them all.

How many times have you heard this -


I read many blogs, forums, etc etc, where the children from Reece's Rainbow are featured. I see numerous faces, daily, of children who are desperate for families - older children, younger children, transferred children, in danger of transfer children, aging out children, sick children, neglected get the picture. Who to help ? Who to advocate for ? Who to donate to ? Who is in the most need of being saved, of being adopted ? How to choose ?

Do I donate to the family soon to travel, who still need many thousands of dollars ?

Or the family who are just starting out on their adoption story, scraping together the cash for various fees ?

Do I advocate for the child who is almost too old to be adopted and in danger of being sent to an adult institution for the rest of their lives ?

Or the child who is so sick and neglected, they will surely die without medical care away from their own country ?

Or the child about to be transferred from their baby house to an institution where they'll have no chance of survival ?

Or a child already in an institution ?

Maybe I should advocate for the cutest child, surely if they are too incredibly adorable, someone will choose them ?

Or the child with a terrible photo, for they need all the advocates they can get ?

How about the child with a large grant - should I donate to them, get that grant fully funded so a family can adopt without a worry ?

Or the child with nothing, to give them a start toward that large grant ?

What to do ? Who to choose ? Who is most worthy of my time and energy ?

It's impossible.

Yes, there are certain children who tug at my heart strings more than others, but I find it impossible to choose just one child to help. I have every admiration for those people who do choose. Some pick a certain child or two who they advocate and donate to exclusively.

I just can't do it.

Somehow, back in September 2011, I came up with the idea of helping a huge group of children - those older kids, with zero in their newly formed individual grants.

Somehow, within 4 months, every single one of those children had a few dollars in their account.


That's not enough. They need more. Unfortunately, I can't give each child enough so that they are fully funded. I can't leap in and give my heart to one child.
I would, if I could, but I can't. I can't focus on one child, donating a few dollars to them as and when I can. I just can't choose. So - I take the easy way - I take baby steps.

Less than a month ago, I changed the goal - now, we want every child in the older age groups to get their grants up to $20. No, it isn't much in the grand scheme of things - but it's more. More than zero. Not much more - but more - a small step - but a step in the right direction.
Towards higher goals.

Less than a month ago, there were 123 older children with less than $20.
Today, there are 85. My goal - all older children have at least $20 in their grant by

Easter Sunday - April 8th.

It CAN be done.

These children all need your help. A few dollars is all it takes.

Click on their picture. Donate. Or share. Please.

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And don't forget

Parker, Anderson, Dmitri and Victoria - I had trouble with their photos :(

All these children are deserving of so much more than $20 - but, for now, that's all I can help steps, my friends, baby steps.

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