Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Notes !

Yet another eight children now have at least $20 on their account - things are moving fast !! Samuel #3-2, Jordan, Alexander G. 13G, McKenna, Alicia, Margit #16-4, Lynette #17-2 and Angelia - welcome to the $20 Club !!

There are now less than 100 children in the older age categories with less than $20 in their grants !! 94, to be precise. More than half of those - 50 - are in the "Other Angels" categories. This is GREAT !! This year, the wonderful people at Reece's Rainbow have a wonderful fundraiser for the children in the "Other Angels" categories - "VALENTINE LOVE NOTES" !! You can give Love Notes to your loved ones, and they can choose which Other Angel child to donate to !! How cool is that ? I know what I have asked for Valentines Day this year - I DEFINITELY don't need any chocolates ! My Love Notes will go toward helping those older Angels get over the $20 barrier - can't wait to get spending !!

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again - but I get such a kick out of going through the lists on Reece's Rainbow every few days, and seeing those grants grow. Knowing that somewhere out there, someone - or several someones - sees the profiles of the children, and deems them worthy. Worthy of a few more dollars. Worthy of a second glance. Worthy of sharing, on the chance that their family might see them. $20 isn't much - in the grand scheme of things, it is nothing compared to the thousands and thousands needed to adopt these kids. Yet - it's a start. Most of the kids had ZERO in their accounts - now they're creeping up to $20 or more. Next, there'll be a new goal. Baby steps :)

Of course - I also see the grants of the children who have more than $20 - and I do keep track of those, too. Some children have grants that get added to on a regular basis - some have fundraisers held for them, and all of a sudden their grant zooms up. Some children are is such bad situations, they get alot of publicity, their profile gets shared, and the money rolls in. There are so many stories behind the faces of the children on Reece's Rainbow. So many children unchosen. So many children with committed families working towards bringing them home. So many children living in misery, never seen by anyone other than their caregivers. So many children alone, seeing other children get adopted, and wondering "why not me?". SO much heartache. There's really not much I can do. I can't adopt. I don't have thousands of dollars to donate. But I DO have my voice, I can spread the word, I can blog, I can post on Facebook, I can donate a few dollars here and there. I CAN make a difference. How about you ?

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