Thursday, March 8, 2012

Other Angels

Most of my readers are familiar with Reece's Rainbow, so know what "Other Angels" refers to. On the off chance that someone is reading that doesn't know - on RR, any child with a special need other than Down Syndrome or HIV, is referred to as an "Other Angel". Their special need could be anything from a mild delay, a minor physical disability, to cerebral palsy, arthrogryposis, spina bifida etc etc. In Eastern Europe, any child born with any difference is destined for life in an orphanage. Their only chance is to be listed for adoption, and then, if they're one of the lucky ones, to be seen, and saved. There are 22 "Other Angel" boys - over the age of 6 - listed on Reece's Rainbow who have less than $20 in their grants.

Please, do what you can to help them out - donate, share, share, share :)

And then the guys with either no picture
or one I just couldn't squeeze onto this page -

Please - I'm not even asking you to donate, that's all I seem to do - just share - show these faces, e-mail the link, share on Facebook - share share share. Somewhere out there, there is a family for every single one of these boys - but if their mom or dad don't see them, they'll never know. So - share.

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  1. It's a good idea to donate this way. I had been picking four at a time $25.00 to each one but if I did it your way I could help more. So frustrating to not be able to do more!