Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was going to beg

I was ready to start begging, but the numbers are slowly, slowly getting lower. I know I keep saying we're taking baby steps, but sometimes they are so agonizing slow I hardly see them move. I am not a patient person, and find myself checking the grants far too often - you know how a watched kettle never boils ? I guess I've got to stand back and stop watching - baby steps :)

Since my last post, there are now 5 more members of the $20 Club, and 7 kids have inced over the $10 barrier !! That's all in just four days - so I really can't complain - can I ? There are now "only" 55 children with less than $20, and "only" 35 of them have less than $10 !!

I'm going to focus on the 35 today - every single one of them are in either the "Other Angels" or "HIV" categories - both 6-9 year olds, and 10+ year olds. None of them are getting younger, and we all know what that means - an institution for life - or kicked out onto the streets for a life of drugs and prostitution.

First - those without a picture :( Read the descriptions - close your eyes - picture the children. Imagine them with a family. Maybe yours ??

Rhonda - Meet this eleven year old cutie pie! She is the winner of a Good Student Award in 2011. She enjoys learning and her classmates and likes to serve others as well. She is good at imitating sounds and using signs. She enjoys music and has made tremendous progress in her development over the last few years. She is described as a calm, contented and very resilient girl with Chromosomal Disorder and Microcephaly. Given her special needs she has come far and would only gain more with a family to call her own!

Prudence - AWARD WINNER!! This little girl is the winner of the Most Studious in her class! In the eyes of her teachers she is a positive, enthusiastic and very hardworking student. By holding the wrist of an adult she is able to walk and enjoys listening to music. Although she is considered to be a child with severe special needs she is described as one of the most responsive children in her home. She loves to be sung to, talked to, touched , hugged and giggles out loud when tickled. She has a history of respiratory illnesses, congenital chromosomal disorder and global developmental delay due to mental retardation. Despite her diagnoses of multiple health issues, this sweetheart continues to grow and live joyfully every day. She deserves to enjoy the one-on-one family relationship that only a family can give her!!

Walter - Walter is hearing impaired and currently wears hearing aids. There is additional information available through the agency, including an updated auditory report.

Caesar - Caesar currently lives in foster care. He is diagnosed with developmental delays and may also have symptoms of Autism. He is described as kindhearted and does not bully the other children.

Dmitri - Diagnosis: vegetative-vascular dystonia, scoliosis

Judie - This little beauty is almost seven years old and continues to blossom every day! She is a little girl who enjoys stable health in the past year and is considered to be strong and resilient. Her never give up spirit has been encouraging to the others in her home and it is hoped her forever family will come forward to bring her home soon! Her medical history includes feedings by gastrostomy tube, epilepsy and blindness. She is being provided with ongoing physiotherapy and it is believed she will be a blessing to an adoptive family who is willing to embrace the possible challenges and unknowns in her future.

Victoria - Diagnosis: mental delay, microcephaly, partial hemiparesis, kyphoscoliosis, crossed eyes.

Parker - Parker is a handsome boy with big brown eyes! He is moderately cognitively delayed, and has a secondary cardiopathy. Parker will be a wonderful son!

Anderson - Anderson is a sweet boy who is blessed to still be at his baby house. He is significantly cognitively delayed, and needs a loving family to help his achieve his potential. He does not have any words, but communicates through other sounds. He is able to walk and is physically active. he is facing the mental institution soon, hope someone will consider him and give him the life he so deserves!

(Parker and Anderson do have photos in their listings, but they are too large place here)

Look at these faces - really look at them - look into their eyes - they deserve so much more.

I know there's someone missing, but I can hardly keep my eyes open - if you figure out who it is and leave me a comment, I'll donate to their grant tomorrow. If no-one tells me who it is, I'll find out for myself tomorrow, and devote a whole blog post to them. And donate to them Please, pick one of those beautiful faces, click on their picture, and help them get to $10 - or even better, to $20 - or more !!!

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