Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Missing face

As promised (though a day late), I had a look at my last post, and found out who I had missed in my listing of children with less than $10. Amazingly - someone beat me to it, and she was already up to $20 !! Thank you, whoever you are :)
I did say I would donate to her, though - so I sent a few $ her way.

This is Maggie -

Date of Birth: June 21, 2005

The mother's rights were terminated by court. There is no father. Diagnosis: HIV+, dermatitis, umbilical hernia, dysarthria (she attends speech therapy). The children at this orphanage receive excellent medical therapy and have had their innoculations. Maggie is a normal, sociable, playful and happy child who tends to be a leader among the other kids. Additional photos are available.

She was born on my 8th wedding anniversary ! She'll be turning 7 this year - she would make a wonderful daughter, don't you think ?

Please share - pray - donate !!

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