Saturday, March 17, 2012

Less than $10

We are down to 60 children with less than $20 in their grants. Three boys joined the $20 Club this week - Cullen, Carter and Glenn ! Also - Mason now has a family committed to adopting him - I can't wait to see who they are and follow along on their journey :)

I have been seeing wonderful things happening recently with the older kids - several have been committed to, and many have been seeing a huge growth in their grants thanks to Julia's Mulligan Stew Giveaway. This runs until the end of March - please, head over, read her latest post - about her new friend Andrew - and donate away !!

I must admit, though, that I find myself baffled at times. I don't just keep track of the grant amounts for the kids with less than $20 - every few days I go through all of the older kids listed on Reece's Rainbow - those with less than $20, those with more than $20, and those with no grants at all yet.

I see some children, who obviously have advocates, who seem to get a little more in their grants on a regular basis.

I see some who have leaps in their grants occasionally.

I see those who are featured in giveaways, and just rejoice in seeing their grants get bigger and bigger.

I see kids with a few hundred, even a few thousand, in their grants, who never seem to get any more.

I see kids newly listed who get over the $20 threshold and beyond almost as soon as they are listed.

Then I see "my" kids.

I see kids who were zeros last September, who were blessed to get above zero - just. I see them stay at the same amount, day after day, week after week. Month after month. I don't understand.
Do people really see them as zeros still ?
As not worthy ?
Do people think there's no point in donating to someone who has so little ? ?

Out of the 60 children with less than $20 in their accounts...

42 of them have less than $10.

Can we do something about that ? Can we at least get them above $10 - and THEN work on getting them above $20 ?? Please - help - spread the word, and see what we can do. Four or five dollars is all it takes. Remember - we're taking baby steps - raise their grants, get their faces out there, find their families.

I'll even make it easier - here are links to all the kids with less than $10.

Several of them don't have a picture in their listing, so I do kind of understand why they don't get donated to - they are the kids with the triply whammy against them - they're older, they have no picture, and next to nothing in their grant. Who even stops to read a listing with no picture ?
What chance do they have of being adopted ??

Something else is pretty plain, too - out of the 42 kids with less than $10 - THIRTY of them are boys.

Please, as always, help if you can, share if you can.

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