Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Which one ?

For those of you new to this blog, and to the world of Reece's Rainbow, here's a quick run down of what they're all about.
Reece's Rainbow is an organization that raises adoption grants for orphans living in orphanages around the world.   They focus on children with Down Syndrome and other special needs - children who are mostly social orphans - meaning that their parents are still alive, but found themselves unable to cope with their child's needs.  Sadly, many countries still see the disabled as burdens, and they just don't have the medical care, schools and therapists available to help the children reach their full potentials. 
Most children with special needs live their lives in orphanages, then adult institutions, and many die young due to neglect.  These children deserve families, just as our children do.  They deserve to be loved, to be surrounded by moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents.  Sadly, very few will get this opportunity - and those that do are those lucky enough to be adopted. 
Over the past few years, I have followed many many stories of children who HAVE been adopted, and brought home to a loving family in the USA. 
So many of these children were malnourished, bedridden, and had basically given up on life.  I have seen them change before my eyes - seen them thrive as they received adequate nutrition, therapy, education and, most important of all - LOVE.
International adoption is expensive - and most families who CAN provide for their children once home - who CAN feed, clothe and house them - who CAN provide medical care - who CAN love their children - these families just don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the adoption.   
This is where Reece's Rainbow and their advocates come in.
They list children who are available for adoption - they get them seen - and they help raise adoption grants for them.  Once a family commits to adopting a child, they are able to raise funds, and once they travel to meet the child, they receive any money in the child's already established adoption grant.
My mission - the mission of this blog - is to make sure that every child over the age of 6 has a few dollars in their grants.  I focus on the older children because they are the  hardest to find homes for - they have been passed over time and time again.  I just cannot stand seeing a big fat zero on their Reece's Rainbow profile - so I do my best to zap those zeros !
I also aim to get every older child's grant up to $100 - however, as there have been so many children newly listed on Reece's Rainbow over the last few months, I have put this on the back burner. Once we have zeroed the zeros, we'll get back to that mission !
So - listed below are all of the older children who currently have ZERO in their grant.  There are 27 of them - boys and girls who, through no fault of their own, have no hope of a loving family other than through adoption.
Please - help me zap these zeros - help me get these kids seen, so that their families can find them and bring them home !
You can click on any name, and it will take you to their profile on Reece's Rainbow - right there, you will see a donate button. 
Please donate if you can. 
If you can't, please share them !!

Denny - $0
 Hattie - $0
 Hattie (3)
Connor - $0

Timon - $0

Xander - $0

Benjamin - $0
Benjamin 2006

Laurel - $0
Laurel (3)

Farrah - $0

Blakeley - $0
Blakeley (1)

Yahto - $0
Yahto (2)

Aubrey - $0
2003, Sept. 23rd, Aubrey

Thaddeus - $0

Susan - $0

JoyAnna - $0
JoyAnna (1)

Nanci - $0
Nanci (1)

Tyler - $0
Tyler (3)

Ryland - $0
Ryland (2)

Aden - $0
Aden (3)

Francis - $0
Francis (1)

Bennett - $0

Nannette - $0
Nannette (13)-001

Jack - $0
Jack-2004 (2)

Seth - $0

Donni - $0
Donni cropped

Daryl - $0

Bailee - $0
Bailey Collage

Chad - $0

Pick a child - share, pray, donate.

If not you - then who ?







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