Saturday, March 5, 2016

21 Days of HOPE

While I spend my time trying to get those zeros zapped, there are many other ways of helping the children of Reece's Rainbow.
During the month of March - more precisely, from March 1st - March 21st (World Down Syndrome Day) - Reece's Rainbow run their "21 Days of Hope" campaign.  This campaign has 3 aims - to raise money for their Voice of Hope fund; to provide visibility to 21 waiting children; and to raise all round awareness of exactly what Reece's Rainbow does.
The Voice of Hope fund is what keeps Reece's Rainbow going - they are totally non-profit - they keep their operational costs below 10% - they run 7 days a week - and they rely totally on private donations. 
Without the Voice of Hope fund, there would be no Reece's Rainbow.
The Voice of Hope fund covers all of the behind the scenes stuff that we don't even think about - postage - office supplies - printing costs - accounting - outreach projects - web design - fundraisers - and much, much more.
In a nutshell - the Voice of Hope fund is pretty important !
So - how does the 21 Days of Hope campaign work ?

Did you read it ?
Did you see - if we can raise $1000 per day for the VOH fund, during these 21 days, an anonymous donor will match that $1000 with a gift of $1000 for EACH of the 21 children highlighted !!
This is HUGE !!
There are 21 children designated to receive this wonderful $1000 gift.
Many of the children chosen this year do no have a photo in their profile, due to privacy laws in their country.  Photos are HUGE when it comes to adopting a child, as you can imagine, and many adoptive families fall in love with their child solely because of their photo.
Without a photo, children tend to become invisible - sadly, their listings are scrolled past as if they are not even there.  However - they ARE there - they are real children with real lives, who are just as much in need of a family as the children who DO have photos.
Let's help get these children SEEN !! 
You can donate to the 21 Days of Hope campaign, and so the children will receive the matching money.
You can also share this blog - or the campaign - or the children.
Or all of the above !!
Please - go HERE - scroll down, and you will see the children. You can click on their picture to read their profile. Remember - while you can, of course, donate directly to the children - at this time, we would prefer your donations to go to the Voice of Hope fund - this way, both the child AND the Voice of Hope fund will benefit from your donation !
Below are the children - both the silhouettes of the "invisible" children, and the photos of those who are allowed to be pictured. ALL of these children have Down Syndrome - ALL of these children are orphans - ALL of these children need a family. ALL of these children need YOU to help them.
Four children have already received their $1000 matching donation - but we have fallen behind big time - we are on day 14, and should have 14 children with $1000 already - please help us catch up and help all of the children.
Thank you reading - thank you for seeing the children.
Please go HERE to donate.

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