Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goals for zeros !!

UPDATE !!  Monday 10th March.

Nathaniel and his team did a great job at the tournament, and came away as champions in their age group !! 

Nathaniel managed to score 3 goals, so if you pledged an amount per goal, and haven't already donated, please do so now !!

There are now just 28 below with zero, as some have already made their donations (thank you !!).

Please pick a child (or two, or three...) - if you click on their name, you will go to their profile on Reece's Rainbow. then simply click on the donate button to donate !


We are back up to 37 children with zero, as there are more newly listed children.
Please help !! 
Wow - a few days ago there were FORTY older children with zero in their grants - but, tonight, there are now only 33 !!!
Thank you SO SO much to those of you who have been able to donate and help zap some zeros !!
Now - I have a challenge for you.
I am asking for pledges - or sponsors.
This weekend, my 10 year old son, Nathaniel, will be playing in a futsal tournament.  In case you don't know, futsal is 5 a-side soccer, played indoors, on basketball courts.
It is great fun - very fast, furious and frenetic !
Nathaniel will be playing on a brand new team - this team is made up of boys born in 2002 and 2003 - boys specifically picked for the team because of their soccer skills.
These boys are from both North Dakota, and South Dakota.
They will be playing together for the first time at the futsal tournament this weekend, in Aberdeen, SD.  They will play 3 games, with the possibility of a fourth, if they get to the final.
What I am looking for is people to sponsor Nathaniel.
For each goal he scores, you can pledge to donate a certain amount to one of the children below.  It can be $1 per goal, $2 per goal, $10 per goal - the only limit is the size of your bank account ! ;)
I'll start off by pledging $5 per goal scored by Nathaniel.
If you want, you can sponsor the team's goals, or just those scored by this little guy.
Just a warning - he played in a futsal tournament a couple of weekends ago, playing with his regular team - and scored 11 goals in 4 games. 
Please help me get a bunch of people doing this - it would be great to know that every goal he scored would be helping zero lots of zeros !!
Please comment below with your pledge !!
Remember - this is for the kids below - who all currently have ZERO in their grants at Reece's Rainbow :(
           Trixie - $0                         Dacey - $0 
Trixie (1)   Dacey (1)

  Tomo - $0                                Andersen - $0

Tomo  Anderson
                                                   Chelsey - $0

  Haines - $0                            Calder - $0
40225194207 Haines (1)            40223154407 Calder

Gage - $0                              Emma Grace - $0
40224204453  Gage       photogirl

Deacon - $0                       Jacque - $0
Deacon-001   Jacque-001

Brad - $0                                    Belle - $0
Brad    Belle

Gavin - $0                        Lisa Marie - $0
Gavin    Lisa Marie

                             Shirley - $0                             

                   Jiminy - $0                           

          Aleah - $0                          Mollie - $0                 
Aleah    Mollie (2)

Nella - $0                                     Nelson - $0
40205110952    40205110503 (1)

Calista - $0                                      Edison - $0
40205120325    40205120958

                          Trent - $0                        Graham - $0                                 
40124201017 (1)    Graham Photo 1 Mar-2013 (cropped)

Nigel - $0                                    Reese - $0
Nigel Photo 2 rec. 12-3-12  Reese Photo 4 Sept-2013

                                 Olivia - $0                              

Please help, however you can !!




  1. Two more new additions- Olivia and Mollie were just listed. They are at

  2. Since he scored 3 goals I will give $15 to 3 kids. Before I give let me know if someone else has already zeroed them. I choose Oskar, Melody and Charissa
    Beth :)