Saturday, August 17, 2013

Overlooked for far too long

I started this blog back in the fall of 2011, to draw attention to the older children listed on Reece's Rainbow - who, until then, had shared an "older children" grant.  At that time, they all were given their own donation button, and their own individual grant - which, obviously, started at zero. My aim - to ZERO the zeros of all of the grants of the older children. Thankfully, that WAS achieved, and many of the "original zeros" have, since then, been adopted, or have substantial grants now.  I updated the list in May 2013 - you can see some of those great grants HERE.
 Unfortunately, some of the children have been overlooked - over, and over, and over again.  Those shown below - who had ZERO in the fall of 2011 - STILL have less than $100 in their grants.
Why does no-one care enough about these kids ?
Why has no-one stepped up and said that child is MINE ??
Why has no-one seen them and pledged money to them, to grow their grant, to get them seen ??

Russ - $52.50
Donald - $50
 Nathan - $50
 Troy - $50.60
 Evan - $55
 Dmitri - $51
Caesar - $51.50
Parker - $79.50
 Leila - $55
 Dixon - $76
Lance - $62.50
 Why ?

Please - if you can - share these kids - donate to them - maybe, even consider bringing them home !

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