Sunday, February 24, 2013

So many children

OK, I know I'm not the best blogger in the world, but I do keep trying.  I  update the list of the older children with less than $100 every few days - you can find the updated post HERE. It's looking great - THREE children have been found, and have families working to bring them home !!  TEN of the children now have more than $100. Many of the children have had donations, big and small !!  In the grand scheme of things, these many not be mind blowing changes, but every little dollar DOES make a difference !! PLUS - there are STILL no zeroes !! We've been managing to zap them as soon as they appear, which is just wonderful !!
If you read my previous post - HERE - you will know that I am trying to use my upcoming 50th birthday to raise money for the older children.  I have had a few people sign up, but could really use lots more !!

It's easy - all you need to do is write a check for $10, pop it into an envelope, and mail it to me.  Do that 5 times, over 5 months, and by the time my birthday rolls round at the end of June, you will have donated $50 !!
MY birthday gift will be to send the checks to Reece's Rainbow, and choose which older children get to benefit !  I am hoping to help many many children, but I need YOUR help !!  Please let me know if you want to join in the fun !! You can comment here, or join my Facebook page where I will send out more details and reminders !!

Talking of reminders - here are some of the faces of the older kids I'm trying to help.  Getting dollars into their adoption grants raises the possibility of them being adopted. They ALL deserve the chance of escaping their current lives, and becoming a beloved member of a family.



Just a few faces.
Just a few children.
So many children who need to be found by their families.
So many children who have been passed over.
SO many children who you can help !!
Please, join in on my $50 for my Fiftieth campaign !
Help me help as many of this children as possible !!!

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