Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From Angels to Zeros

The craziness of the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is over for another year - what a blast it was !!!  There were 217 children on the Angel Tree this year - and I am happy to report that 148 of them reached or surpassed their $1000 goal  !!  Better yet - TWELVE children now have families working towards their adoption !!   Now - these are the numbers as of this morning - they will change over the next few days, as there are still checks that haven't yet been applied to the accounts - anything post dated by 12/31 will count towards the Angel Tree. So - we should know in a few days the final totals - which, I'm pretty sure, will be mind blowing !!! 
The highest amount raised so far for just ONE child, is $15022.50  !!!  
Meet Ivan !!
Ivan S. 8W
His total grant including the Angel Tree donations is almost $20,000  !!
Please - go HERE and see all of the wonderful children who have benefited from the Angel Tree this year.
Please - share their faces - get them some exposure
and help find their families !!!
NOW - it's time to get back to "my" kids, and get a new list of older children with zero, or less than $100 in their grants !!
Let the New year begin !!!!

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