Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two little girls

Please meet Channah and Angelia.
Two little girls in desperate need of a family.
Two little girls living in different countries, seemingly nothing in common.
Two little girls without a mommy or daddy.
Two little girls destined to spend their lives unloved.
Channah is 10 years old. She had cerebral palsy, but other than that takes care of herself, manages all of her everyday needs, and as you can see in the picture, seems like any other 10 year old girl.  Channah lives in an orphanage, and is lucky enough to attend the local special education school. She has some delays, which are probably due to orphanage life. She loves wearing dresses, listening to music and dancing. She also likes to play ball. Her favorite colors are pink and green - and she hates to be ignored !!  She is just a typical 10 year old girl, longing for attention, and someone to love her !
Angelia is 11 years old. She has Down Syndrome, and has lived in a mental institution for 5 years now.  Despite her surroundings, she remains strong and healthy, which is quite a testament to her character, as families that have adopted from there have horror stories to tell about the place. Angelia likes to play with toys, and is affectionate and interacts with others. She has no health problems, other than some strabismus. Her life could be so very different, given a family to love her !!
Two little girls.
SO different, and yet so alike.
Two little girls wishing for only one thing.
A family.
Like all of the other children available for adoption internationally, the main thing standing between them and their forever family is money.
Channah and Angelia are among a group of older children who were blessed to be part of the Angel Tree Fundraiser at Reece's Rainbow.
Not all that long ago, they had zero in their grants.
Now, they have a chance to grow those grants by as much as $1000, through the efforts of the Reece's Rainbow Christmas Warriors.
I was able to get Buddy's grant up to $1000.
Now, I'm shouting for Channah and Angelia.
Can you help ??
Two little girls.
Two little girls looking for love.
Please help them.
Click on their names.
CHANNAH ($671)       ANGELIA ($500)
Please help them get up to their $1000 goal by the end of the year !

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