Saturday, August 25, 2012

More zeros and new listings

Wow - where does the time go ?  I spent the past couple of weeks enjoying a wonderful vacation in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and the Black Hills of South Dakota. What made it even more fun was that my mum, plus my niece and her husband, flew over from England to vacation with us !!  They flew home yesterday, so now I have to get back to my normal life, including starting back to work on Monday. Ah well - a girl's got to do what a girl's go to do !!

I tried to stay away from the computer while on vacation - and think I did a pretty good job - but I certainly missed my Reece's Rainbow !!  I spent this afternoon updating my list of kids who still need to get up to and beyond $100.  The good news is that quite a few children made it - however, thanks to the Reece's Rainbow team adding more available children, there are now 150 children with less than $100 - including TEN with ZERO.

The updated list is HERE 

PLEASE go and take a look at the names on the list.
Maybe you can help zero a zero ?  
Or get one of the children up to $50 ?
Or help one of them fly over the $100 wall ? 
Or help several of them ?  
Or share ?
It's up to YOU - whether you choose to do anything - or nothing. 
SO many of the children are overlooked.
So many of them never get a second glance.
Many of them had ZERO in their accounts last fall - and barely have much more than that now.

Please - do what you can - every penny helps - we're taking baby steps - but are hoping to eventually move mountains.

These children have ZERO - can you change that ??

There are SO MANY new children listed recently - many of them don't have donation buttons yet - but please, go and check out the older children's listings and look at them- they ALL need a family !!

Here are just a few of the newest faces


Just a few of the newest faces on Reece's Rainbow - ALL desperate for a family to love and be loved by. 
 None of these children have donation buttons yet - several of them are in the "bad place" - ALL of them are over the age of six, and running out of time. 
I have not included links - I want to make you work - go to any of the links below, scroll through all of the faces - and do what you can to help !!

Other Angel Girls age 10+
Children with HIV age 10+

Girls with Down Syndrome age 10+

Please - choose one of the categories above - go and look at the faces - look into their eyes - and either donate, share, or pray - do whatever you can - ANYTHING you do is better than doing nothing !!!!

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