Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do they have ANY hope ???

My aim in life is to make sure all of the older kids listed on Reece's Rainbow have $$ in their grants, and have as much exposure as possible, so their families can find them. 
 Every few days, I check all of their listings, scrolling though all of the older age categories.  As I do this, I see the faces of those kids who get passed by even more than "my" kids do.  
There are SO MANY children listed who do no yet have a donation button , for one reason or another.  Many of these children are new listings, and will get their own grants in time - but some children have been listed for quite a while.  
I see their faces - but who else does ??
How many of you scroll through ALL of the children listed on a regular basis ?
Especially THESE kids - the older kids - who have been transferred to who knows where and are living, literally, on borrowed time ?? 
 How many of these faces will we see on THIS PAGE ???

Look at the faces below.
There are SEVENTY-FIVE boys over the age of 6 with no donation buttons.
How many of these faces have you seen before ?

Seventy-five boys, all destined to spend their lives alone, with no-one to love or be loved by.
Please - go back - LOOK INTO THEIR EYES - really look.

Then, think about what you can do to help.
And do something.
Please share their faces - SOMEWHERE, their family is waiting, but they won't know if they can't find them


You can find the boys pictured above at the following links

Please - share as much as you can, these boys need all the help they can get.

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