Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthdays !!

My son's birthday is next month, he'll be the grand old age of nine. He made a chart a few weeks ago, so he could cross off and countdown the days until his birthday. We don't really have parties, but on birthdays we choose where we want to go and eat. 
We also, of course, get gifts to open and get thoroughly spoiled on our special day. 
These children would, I'm sure, love to celebrate their birthdays surrounded by family, friends, cake and gifts. Chances are, they don't even know when their birthday is - why would anyone bother telling them ? 
I hope they DON'T know.
Can you imagine knowing that it's your special day, that you're a whole year older, but no-one cares ? No-one gives you a gift, or bakes a cake, or even wishes you "Happy Birthday". How about the younger kids, who know that when they hit a certain age, they'll have to leave the orphanage, the baby house, and all they have ever known - they'll get in a car, and be driven to a strange, scary place - to live in a dreary, loveless, adult institution ? 

Birthdays. Some people don't celebrate them. Some people never get a chance to. Some people don't even know what a birthday is. 

Five children with less than $50 in their grants have their birthdays this month - May.  

Five children - 3 boys, 2 girls - all, probably, turning a year older without so much as a birthday hug.

Five children - needing families, needing love, needing homes.
Five children - beautiful, innocent, loveless.

WHAT can we do for these five children ?
We can pray for them.
We can share their faces and profiles.
We can donate a few dollars, a birthday gift to last them a lifetime.
We can adopt - we can advocate - we can love.

Five children.  Look into their eyes. 

You can tell them no, you don't care, you'd rather spend $5 at Starbucks tomorrow. 

Or you can hit that little donate button and show them that you CARE.

Get them over that $50 wall for their birthday !!

FRANK - turns 12 this month - $24
Frank  is listed with a moderate mental delay.  He could use a family to help him reach his full potential!

MOSES - turns 12 this month - $10
Moses loves getting his picture taken and always has a smile ready. Even though he can’t hear or speak, he enjoys singing in class and will try to do the hand motions for the songs. He is focused when he colors pictures and tries to stay in the lines. Moses is very protective of housemate Joy and enjoys playing with the other kids in his house. In spite of being deaf and mute he is able to communicate with ease basic things that he needs and is persistent in showing you just what that is.

STEFFIE - turns 9 this month - $23
Such a cute girl with a beautiful smile!    Please disregard the mark on her nose — that's a flaw on the photograph.To learn more about adopting and parenting a child living with HIV, visit

ANA - turns 10 this month - $25.80
She is calm, even-tempered, obedient and she likes to learn. HIV+ - For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit 

JOEY - turns 7 this month - $15.50
This curly hair boy was born on 5/2005. He is of Hispanic-African descent. Dark skin and dark curly hair, with big brown eyes and a fabulous smile! He likes to play kickball. He enjoys exploring the outdoors. He likes to stack blocks. When he’s successful, he will clap his hands. He can turn the pages of books. He communicates through gestures. He will often bring his caregiver over to something to show his wants or needs. He understands simple instructions. This darling boy waits for his own wonderful family because he has Down Syndrome. We previously had this darling child listed through a different agency, but he is available again now and hope we can find a family for him soon!


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  1. Frank has 50$ today Yeah!! I was disappointed that of 26 dollars only 23 went to Frank.