Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day ??

Below is a list of about 180 children who don't have moms. 
Or dads. 
Or brothers and sisters. 
Or anyone, really, who cares about them - other than maybe a carer or two who work with them in the orphanage or institution.
These children have been listed with Reece's Rainbow for a long time.
Look at their names.
Do they sound familiar ? 
Or have you passed them over time and time again ?
They are all aged over six.
They all had ZERO in their grants last fall.
Look at the amounts they have now.

Out of 180 children, can you guess how many are on the Moving Mountains page - meaning they have more than $2500 in their grants ?

Can you guess how many still have less than $50 ?

Can you guess how many have found families ??

The answers to these questions, in no particular order, are 




Last fall, when the older children were given their own Reece's Rainbow adoption grant, instead of a collective "older child" grant, all of the children listed below had exactly ZERO in their grants. 

Since then TWENTY SEVEN of them have found families !!!  

SIXTY EIGHT still have less then $50 in their grants.

FIVE have more than $2500 in their grants.

Obviously, we'd like to see them ALL with more than $2500, but that isn't realistic for now (unless we have a lottery winner among us !!).

So -we continue with our baby steps. 

At last count, there were about 100 children still with less than $50.  
Here, among the original zeros, we have 68 with less than $50. 

That is 68 TOO MANY.

PLEASE - look at the names. Those with less than $50 are in bold.

Click on a bolded name.
Any name
I don't care - they ALL deserve more than a pittance in their grants.
It's Mother's Day on Sunday.
Think of YOUR children and how they would feel today without you around.
Click on a name.
Look at their picture.
Send prayers their way.
Plus a few dollars.
For Mother's Day.

DS Boys 6-9

DS Girls 6-9

Other Angel Boys 6-9

Other Angel Girls 6-9

HIV 6-9

DS Boys 10+

DS Girls 10+

Other Angel Boys 10+

Other Angel Girls 10+

HIV 10+

Again - these are all the children - according to my records - who were listed with Reece's Rainbow and had zero in their account when I started this blog.
There are 68 of these kids - the original zeros - who still have less than $50 in their grants. 
They deserve more.
If not you.
Who ?
Happy Mother's Day !

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