Monday, April 16, 2012

Three little boys

Just look at the eyes on this kid !!

Can you imagine him with more hair, and a smile on his face ?? He turned 7 about a month ago. Do you have a son ? if he's older, what did he like to do when he was seven ? My son is 8 - he loves soccer - would play it all day long if we let him. He loves to hang out with the family, read and be read to, play with legos, build things, ride his bike. Just like any number of other kids his age.
What do you think Parker does with his time ?

His listing on Reece's Rainbow says that he is moderately cognitively delayed, and has a "secondary cardiopathy". Sounds like he would fit in wonderfully with a bunch of other young boys ! Go back - look into those eyes of his again - I bet there's a lot more going on in there than he's given credit for.
He would be a wonderful son !!
He surely deserves more than a measly $26 in his RR grant, don't you think ?

How about Anderson ? He's listed as being at the same orphanage as Parker. Maybe they share a room, and spend their days together ?

Anderson turned 8 in December. He is significantly cognitively delayed - he doesn't talk, but is able to make his needs known in his own way. He is physically active - bet he loves to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air ! He's facing the institution soon - and doesn't have much hope of being adopted with just $30 in his grant.

Also at the same orphanage is Sealey.

Sealey turned 7 last October. He's a lot more physically involved than Anderson and Parker, as he has cerebral palsy - but he's still a little boy who needs a mommy's love. I bet he would just love rough housing with his dad, and snuggling with mommy. He'll need lots of care and attention, but given time and therapy, who knows what the future could offer him ?
Sadly, $20 is all HE has to offer.

Three little boys - all around the age of my son

They should be out and about enjoying life with their family, not stuck in an orphanage or destined for an institution. Please - help them out, if you can - donate if you feel able - and above all

SHARE !!!!

Remember our goal - to get every child over the age of 6 over $50

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