Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Six down !!

I am so very happy to report that just four days after announcing the new goal, we have SIX children already up to or beyond $50 !! A huge shout out for:-

Sarah #11-18 - $52.50

Anastasia S. 15H - $106

Greta - $2293.14

Veronika L59 - $50

Elizaveta 3G - $50

Alec 26HA - $50.60

I am SO excited that we're off to such a great start !! Thank you for helping these kids out ! Don't forget to share share share, so their beautiful faces can be seen by as many people as possible, and their mommy and daddy can find them.

Please - don't forget Parker, Anderson and Sealey - my three little boys of the week !!

Parker - $26

Anderson - $30

Sealey - $20

Let's see if we can get all three of them up to at least $50, so I can focus on different children next week !!
I want to get as many faces out here as possible - I know that somewhere out there are families for every single one of my kids !!

Remember - share, pray, donate !!


  1. We hope to commit to Sarah after our 3 boys are adopted in court!

  2. That is SO exciting,,the lucky little girl !! :)

  3. So glad to see Elizaveta again! She disappeared from RR for awhile - so glad it was possible for her to be relisted! Now for a family...