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We now have 116 - sweet Carissa gained a donation button overnight, and, like Daphne, she only has $10. Her story is so sad - please help her out !

As you all know, we did reach our goal, by Easter, of all the children with grants over the age of 6 getting at least $20 in their grants. There have been a couple of new children listed since then - one quickly got above $20, the other is still at $10 (but at least she isn't a zero ;)
If you would like to send some love her way - here sh

There have also been many new children listed who don't have donation buttons yet. Some of the pictures are heartbreaking - older children who have been in the institution for years. In cribs. Teenagers.

Before I get to the new goal - I have to share some new faces. These children are newly listed on Reece's Rainbow - unfortunately, they do not yet have donation buttons. They are not in a good place - as you can tell by looking at the pictures, they are at an institution.
They are in cribs.
Their heads are shaved.
They have sores, and rotten teeth.
They are existing, not living.
You can't even tell if they are boys or girls.
They are TEENAGERS !!
You can't even tell if they are boys or girls.

Sad eyes

Shaved heads

Rotten teeth.

Lost souls.

Now - to the new goal.
I was going to get really ambitious, but remembered that we are taking baby steps - so, that being said, the new goal is to get every older child up to $50 by July 4th.
There are now 116 children aged over 6 with less than $50 in their grants - but I know we can change that !! I am hoping to pick a few children every week to focus on, so that by the time we are celebrating the birth of the USA, each child will have a better chance of living here. I know so many people pass over the older children - it's up to us to make sure their faces are seen, so they can be found. I know there's a family out there for every one of them.
Please - go and look at them, look into their eyes, and if you can't donate - please, share.

Please - even if you can't adopt, even if you can't donate - please - share - look into their eyes - look at their faces - then look at their ages. This is their life.


Unless they can be saved.

Click on the link below.

Now - onto our new goal

There are currently 115 older children with grants who have less than


in their accounts.

Guess what we're going to do ??

Yep - the next goal is to get all of the older kids up to at least $50.

My initial time line is to get them all up to $50 by the 4th of July.

Do you think we can do it ?? It's less than 3 months away - about 16 weeks. I plan on picking several children per week to focus on, and hopefully get those grants growing !!

I know it's overwhelming - 115 is a big number - but we've done it before - and I know we can do it again.

And again.

And again.

Baby steps :)

Thank you.

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  1. So glad to hear that Carissa can now have her own grant! It's at least a glimmer of good news for her!