Monday, January 2, 2012

A wonderful start to 2012 !!

I have wonderful things to share !! Since my last post on Christmas Eve, there are now 23 less zeros !!! Can you believe it ? I can't !! I am just so excited - some of the children now have a couple of dollars in their grant, but some have tens, twenties, even hundreds of dollars now ! This is just amazing, I cannot believe what a wonderful start to 2012 the zeros are getting. Plus, some of the children are ones I've been watching particularly closely, making it even sweeter :) Here's a list of the latest graduates from the zero list !!
Jeff; Grant; Dasha; Susan; Marjorie; Drew B; Steffie; Benjamin 15H; Maggie 2H; Eric; Christian; Jamie; Ahren; Lance; Frank; Maksim S. 14G; Sasha; Mickey; Tiana 26HA; Isabelle #2-2; Galen; Nettie #64-1 and Lauren. Isn't that list a wonderful thing to behold ??
What could be better than that ? Well - how about the fact that out of 10 "categories" in the Reece's Rainbow waiting children listings, you have now managed to zero the zeros in THREE categories ?? There are NO MORE ZEROS in the "Other Angel Boys 10+", "Other Angel Girls 10+" and the "HIV 10+" listings !!

AND - it gets better !! When I started this blog, as you may recall from my last post, there were 171 children with ZERO in their grants. Can you guess how many there are now ? Go on - give it a try. No idea ? As of this evening, January 2nd 2012, there are only 74 zeros !!!! Almost one hundred less than when we started !! Totally amazing !! I just know now that it can be done - we CAN zero the zeros. I thought we were struggling there for a while, during the Angel Tree fundraiser - but we did great at the end there - AND the Angel Tree was a huge success, with ALL of the Angel Tree kiddos reaching their goal - some of them far exceeding it !!! What a wonderful end to 2011 for so many of the Reece's Rainbow children - I cannot wait to see those grants increasing in 2012, and hopefully, those beautiful boys and girls will be spotted by their mommy's and daddy's, and will spend next Christmas and New Year with their families, where they belong. Happy New Year - and thank you !!

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