Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas ?

I started this blog on September 25th, in the hopes of zeroing the zeros by Christmas. Did I achieve my goal ? Sadly, no. However - wonderful things have happened over the last 3 months ! When I started, there were 130 children aged 6-9 years, who had zero in their grant. A month later, the children aged 10+ were added - another 41. That's a total of 171 zeros. One hundred and seventy one zeros. Discarded children. Beautiful children, who through no fault of their own were languishing in orphanages and institutions. Children who had been passed over. And over. And over. Children who suddenly had their own adoption grants, instead of a collective grant. Children who had a chance to grow those grants, to get their faces seen, their names heard, the chance to be a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter. Children who deserve so much more than zero in their grants. 171.

But that was then - and this is now. As of last night, there are 73 LESS zeros than three months ago !!!! Seventy three. There are less than 100 zeros left - a mere 98 children aged over six have zero in their accounts. Now, it may be true that most of the 73 who now have money on their grants don't have much - it may just be a few dollars. BUT - it's a start. Baby steps. Get everyone above zero - then build them up, a little at a time. Get those grants growing. Get those faces out there. Find those families !! But first - let's zero their zeros !!

Three months ago I had a Christmas wish. It WILL be granted - maybe a little late, but I know it will happen. We CAN do it.


  1. So... when are you going to go through and count them up again?


  2. I did go through them on the 29th - but haven't managed to get a blog post written yet - busy week :) I know there were FIFTENN less zeros 4 days ago - and had a quick glance through last night and know there are more - so can't wait to sit down and tally them all up ! SO exciting !! :) ~ Jenny