Saturday, December 3, 2011


There are currently 128 "older" children listed on Reece's Rainbow who have zero in their adoption grants. 128 forgotten children, deemed so worthless that their families abandoned them at birth or soon after. 128 children who, despite the fact that they are listed for adoption, are deemed so worthless by us that they have zero in their grants. No-one has looked at their faces, or read their profiles, and seen their own child there. No-one has looked into their eyes and found it in themselves to donate a few dollars to them. Zeros. Why is it that some children have hundreds or thousands of dollars donated to them, and some have nothing ? What is it that makes us decide to donate for one child over another ?

Do we donate because a child is just so cute that we can't help ourselves ?

Is it the bows in the hair ??

Is it their eyes ??

Maybe their smile ??

Their attitude perhaps ??

Or maybe they just look like they need all the help they can get...

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All of the children pictured are listed on Reece's Rainbow. They are all aged over 6, and they are all available for adoption. They all have zero in their grants. They all deserve more.

Please help.

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