Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Birthdays

A few posts ago I featured four children who were "celebrating" their birthdays in an orphanage or institution, with no family or loved ones to even acknowledge their special day. They are not alone. This month, November 2011, nine zeros had birthdays. Ellie, Walter, Judie and David turned 7. Kelly, Leonard, Ruslan and Andrey turned 9. Poor Yana turned 10. Ten years in an orphanage. Ten years of being unloved. So wrong.

Yana - 10

Ellie - 7

Leonard - 9

David - 7

Andrey - 9

Ruslan - 9

Unfortunately, Kelly, Walter and Judie don't have photographs, which makes it so much harder for their family to find them. No photo. No money in their grants. Double zeros.

Maybe - just maybe - next year they could celebrate their birthday - and Thanksgiving - with a family. Their family. Can you help it happen ?

The GOOD news this week is that two older children HAVE been found, and now have a family working towards bringing them home - Rafferty and James will be brothers !! You can follow their journey home here.

Zero's no more - soon to be orphans no more. My wish for ALL these kids.

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  1. I just want you to know that I have NOT forgotten you!! I am planning on helping you zero the zero's in the New Year. I LOVE your heart!!