Monday, October 24, 2011

Children aged 10+

I have been focusing on the children aged 6-9 years old listed on Reece's Rainbow, as it is only recently that they have had their own, individual grants (it used to be that there was a collective grant for these older children, which would be awarded to the first child adopted, and then it would revert to zero). I was under the impression that the children aged over 10 would still have a collective grant - HOWEVER I now see that most of them have their own donation button, meaning they now have individual grants !! GREAT news ! SO - I will now be advocating for these children, too - and unfortunately, that means we have an extra 41 zeros :( That won't slow me down, though - I KNOW we can get rid of all these zeros, too !!! ALL of these kids deserve a chance, and if getting rid of their zero makes them even slightly more likely to be adopted, then it's worth the effort. SO - please spread the word however you can, and help zero ALL of the zeros for the children aged 6 and up !!

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