Saturday, July 23, 2016

Too many.

I am sure that you now by now that my focus is usually on the older children, aged between 6 and 9 years - first to zap their zeros, and then to get their grants up to at least $100.  However, this has proved incredibly difficult lately, so I decided to change things up a little.  I took a look at the Zero the Zeros link at Reece's Rainbow, where they list ALL of the children with zero in their grant, whatever their age, and was appalled to see that their are currently TOO MANY children with zero in their grants  !!!
SEE them.
Marielle Auggie July 2016 Sukie July 2016 Candy Greg July 2016 Ruthie steven garry brian Neve June 2016 Edwin June 2016 Leroy Katie June 2016 Quinn Leigh (1) Everly Oakley (2) Pearl Skip (1) charlotte (2) Megan Collage Eliza Scott Jake photo Jaya Kier Ennis Evan RK  Chadwick Jonathan RK Diane RK Rory (1) Solomon Oct-2015 Lance June 2016 Asher June 2016 Anna June 2016 Artie June 2016 Craig (2) Eli James Ashton4 Mavis 1 Zayne2 Keeva-Adoptable-4yo-LD 2-001 Maggie (2) Pierre Hudson  Leena (2) Jayson Keegan Loman Cyndi for RR  Ty (2) Remy July 2016 Kyle RK Charlier Maximilian (2) Frankie Lee Rick photo Yanni RK Dionte cadence 
Did you see them ?
Did you count them ?
Sixty three children - unwanted, unloved, unseen.
63 children waiting for a family of their own.
63 children waiting for a family to take a leap of faith and spend a small fortune on their ransom.
63 children with ZERO in their adoption grant - 63 children with nothing to offer their future family other than themselves. 
63 children waiting for just ONE person to see them, waiting for that one person to see their worth, to be the first to acknowledge them, the first to reach into their heart - and their wallet.
I realize these children know nothing about Reece's Rainbow and adoption grants, I know they are totally unaware of the fact that they have zero in their grant. I'm sure they are clueless when it comes to the huge cost of adoption.  However, in MY eyes, when I see a big fat zero in a child's adoption grant, I see a child that has been passed over.
A child that no-one has deemed worth enough to throw a few dollars their way.
Please go back and look at the children again.
You will notice there are no links to their profiles - this is totally deliberate.
In order to see them again, and read all about them, you can go HERE - or click on "Reece's Rainbow" anywhere in this post.  This will take you directly to the zero the zeroes page, where you can find all of these children - their pictures and profiles. 
My hope is that at some point, clicking on that link will take you to a blank page - meaning ALL of the children above will have been seen, will have been deemed worthy, and will have had  a donation to their grant.
Can you please help ?
One last time - go HERE to see the children - they all have a big pink DONATION button on their profile - pick a child - SEE the children - read about them - click on the pink button - and get them OFF that page !!!
Thank you.

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