Friday, August 8, 2014

Newt's Goals for Orphans

Some of you may know that as well as shouting for the older kids with little in their grants, I am also currently a Family Warrior.
This means I get to yell and scream for a family who are in the process of adopting. 
The family I warrior for are adopting a beautiful 5 year old little girl from Eastern Europe - "Ebony". 
They have already traveled over to her country to meet her, and are now playing the waiting game, during which they get to fund raise in order to pay agency fees, pay for flights, and other living expenses for the next trip etc etc.
As I write this, they are $5083 away from being fully funded - which, compared to the $33,000 they needed to raise just 7 months ago, doesn't seem much at all, does it ??
If you would like to donate to their adoption grant, you can go HERE.
To read their blog - go HERE.
If you would like to have a little fun, and help them out at the same time - keep reading !!
My 11 year old son, Newt, plays soccer.
We have come up with a fun little way to use his soccer to fund raise !
Each time he plays in a tournament, I ask people to pledge any amount of money for each goal scored by his team.
The team generally play 3 games, and a 4th if they get into the championship game.
Sometimes, they score no goals, or only one or 2.
On one memorable occasion, they scored 22 goals !
You just never know - which is why it is fun !
You could pledge $1, $2, $5 or $10 per goal (any amount you choose)- and
during and after the tournament, I keep you updated with the score, and the total number of goals.
 Some like to pledge extra for any goal scored by Newt !
So - if you pledge $1 per goal, and they score a total of 5 goals - you donate $5.
Easy !!
We currently have pledges for this weekends tournament in Elkhorn, NE
 totaling $3 per team goal, and $8 per goal scored by Newt !!
I'd love to see those numbers grow :)
if you would like to play along, please comment below !
Or - you can go to our Facebook Page - "Newt's Goals for Orphans", and comment there.
Thank you so much for reading !!

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