Friday, June 20, 2014

5K for Ebony and Gideon

Ok - firstly, I KNOW I have been the worlds worst blogger recently. I KNOW there has been huge movement on the zeros, and I KNOW I need to update SOON.
However - I have a pretty good excuse or two. Or three.  ;)
Firstly - after 13 years as a daycare provider, I have finally got to the point where all of my clients are teachers, so I have been able to take the whole summer off this year !!  In order to do this, as well as go on vacation, I have been busy selling stuff on eBay, spending my evenings photographing, editing, listing, packaging etc etc etc. 
Secondly - we were on vacation, and I was incredibly proud of myself, for spending as little time as possible online while at Disney World !
Thirdly - the day after we got home from vacation, my mom arrived from England for a 3 week visit. 
We've had a wonderful few weeks, and sadly she will go home on Monday :(

So - the good news is that I will be able to get back to blogging and shouting for my zeros and all of the older children with less than $100 in their grants !!
In the mean time, I am also Family Warrior for the Sutton family who are in the process of adopting TWO children, "Gideon" and "Ebony" - you can find their adoption grant HERE, an their blog HERE ! 
Now - I will get my list updated next week - and that is a promise.
However, before then, I will be running/walking in a 5K Color Vibe run TOMORROW.
If you know me, you will know that I am NOT a runner, or a keep fit fanatic. I do not exercise. Ever.
I was actually planning on training for this event, so that I could actually run the whole 5K.
However, life got in the way (see above), and I'm pretty sure that I will not be able to run the whole race.
I will run as much as possible - and hopefully, my 11 year old son Nathaniel will be able to drag me along a little !!
If you would like to encourage me in my efforts (believe me, I need all the encouragement I can get !!), I would love if you could send a small (or large !) donation the way of the Sutton's, and help them get a little closer to bringing home their son and daughter.
If you didn't click on the link above, please read their story right here, and you'll see why I am helping them go back and adopt again !! 
"Just four months after returning home from Eastern Europe with their son, Benjamin (Mikale on RR), the Suttons discovered he had a younger brother at the same orphanage that they didn’t know even existed. They knew they had to go back for him as the brothers deserved to grow up together. It was a difficult decision at first because the timing was not in their plans and they had no chance to save up and prepare before beginning the process again. Once it had been confirmed, they submitted an official request to adopt Gideon. For some reason, the officials in EE could not find his file and so the Suttons waited for 4 months with no word or hope that it would be possible.
While they were waiting, they saw a picture of a little girl and knew she was supposed to be theirs. During their first adoption, they had hoped to adopt a little girl along with Benjamin, but were not able to find the one meant to be in their family. The decision of whether to commit to Ebony was a hard one because it put a tight timetable on how long it would be possible to wait for Gideon to be found. The Suttons decided to take the leap of faith and move forward, trusting that if Gideon was indeed supposed to be their son that God would work out all the details to make it happen before their time ran out to be able to add him. Just two weeks after committing to Ebony, Gideon’s file was found and the Suttons were able to commit to him as well!
Ebony and Gideon face a bleak future growing up as orphans in their home country. They both have been waiting for a family their whole lives and the Suttons cannot wait to bring them home to make them their daughter and son, and to reunite the brothers once again. They never expected to be going back so soon, but when you see your child’s face looking back at you, you realize there isn’t time to wait and prepare, you need to step out in faith and do whatever it takes to bring them home now.
Would you please consider helping the Suttons, with a tax deductible donation? No amount is too small and they are grateful for each and every gift and prayer".
Please - if you can - go HERE and sponsor my 5K by donating any amount to the Sutton's adoption grant !!
Thank you !!!!!

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