Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GOALS for Gideon and Ebony !!

Once in a while, I will take a step away from the zeros, and turn my efforts to another child, or family.
Don't worry - I am still shouting for "my" kids !! 
However, I have recently committed to being a "Family Warrior", to a wonderful family who are in the midst of adopting not one, but two beautiful children  !!
What caused me to help this family was their story - a true love story !!
Early in 2013, they adopted Benjamin from Eastern Europe.
This was his picture on his profile on Reece's Rainbow.

This is Benjamin now.
When in the process of adopting him, they also wanted to adopt a little girl, but just could not find anyone who was the perfect fit for their family at that time.
Just 4 months after bringing Benjamin home, they found out that, unknown to them, he had a younger brother.
A little brother at the SAME orphanage they had just been to, the same orphanage they had rescued their son from.
What could they do ?
Leave him there, to never know the love of his brother ?
Leave him there, pretending they didn't know he existed ?
Of course not - they did the only thing they could do.
They committed to bring him home, to be their son, to be brother again to Benjamin.

 Unfortunately, there were issues with his paperwork in his country, and they were left in limbo, not sure whether his adoption would even be possible after all.
In the mean time, they saw a picture of a little girl available for adoption - and they knew that she was the daughter they had been waiting for. 
Their only problem was that if they committed to her, things might move too fast, putting the possible adoption of Gideon in jeopardy.
Trusting in God, they took a leap of faith, and committed to Ebony.
Just a few weeks later, the paperwork issue was resolved, and they were able to officially commit to adopting Gideon, too !!
So, here they were - newly home with Benjamin, pledged to adopt Gideon and Ebony - and, to add a little more excitement to their lives, Mom, Amanda was also pregnant !
Needless to say, with back to back adoptions, there has been little time for saving money to help with the costs.
Despite this, they do have several fundraisers going on, with a couple more in the works.
You can read their blog HERE - click on the fundraiser tab to see how you can help !!
They also currently have a wonderful matching grant !!
Once their Adopt Together fund reads $4200, they will receive an additional $2500 - and they will be able to submit their dossier !!
Not only that - but when their fund reaches $2000, they will share new pictures of Gideon !!
Please - help if you can !!
One way that I personally am going to help is by sponsoring my son, Nathaniel, at a soccer tournament this weekend.
Regular readers will know that I occasionally do this, and donate the proceeds to my "zeros".  This time, however, I will donate to the Sutton's fund, to help bring home Gideon and Ebony.
This weekend, Nathaniel will play in the Emerald Cup soccer tournament in Kansas City.
I pledge to pay $5 to the Suttons for every goal Nathaniel's TEAM scores this weekend.  They will play 3 games, with the possibility of a fourth if they get into the championship game !!
Will you join me ?
Will you sponsor team Fury this weekend ?
For Gideon and Ebony ??

Please comment below or on Facebook - let me know what you are pledging !!

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