Sunday, December 15, 2013


What will you be doing on New Year's Eve this year ? 
Go to a party and eat and drink, surrounded by friends and family ??

Maybe a nice romantic evening, just you and your better half ??

Or will you stay home, relax, and watch the festivities on TV ?
Whatever you do - please be safe, have fun, and enjoy !!
For me, New Year's Eve will mark the end of Reece's Rainbow's 2013 Angel Tree campaign.  Since November 1st, I have been working hard to try and get $1000 into the Angel Tree grants of Marlowe and Davian.
As you can see from the sidebar - between them, they do have more than $1000 !!
However - I need those red numbers to BOTH read $1000 by midnight on New Year's Eve.
If that happens, I will have achieved my goal - and, all being well, all of the other children on the Angel Tree will have an extra $1000 or more in their grants, too !!  Each of the 200+ children have a Christmas Warrior, trying to raise that $1000 over the holiday season - do the math - that's ALOT of money !!  Thirty children already have more than $1000 - and, even better - SIXTEEN have been found by their forever families.  Sixteen families have stepped forward, and shouted "That child is MINE", and are now working through the long, difficult, expensive adoption process !!
These kids ALL deserve to be in a family - they ALL deserve to be loved - they ALL deserve to be safe - they ALL deserve to have enough food - they ALL deserve to be warm.
Please - during this holiday season - while you are shopping for your loved ones - while you are eating all the yummy festive food - while you celebrate with your family - please - remember.
Remember how lucky you are.
If you have a spare few minutes - go HERE - and scroll through the beautiful faces of children waiting to be found.  These are the children on the Angel Tree this year - all of the children listed as available for adoption on Reece's Rainbow, who have Down Syndrome,, (plus a handful who have other special needs). 
Look into their eyes, and remember.
Pick a child, and remember.
It's not all that long ago since children born with disabilities in the USA were treated the same way as these children.
These kids were mostly abandoned at the hospital at birth, or at the orphanage, when their disability became known.
They live in countries where children born with disabilities have absolute no chance of a normal life - no therapies, no education - nothing.
Their ONLY chance of living life as you and I know it - with a family, with a home, with an education, with LOVE - is through adoption.
Their only chance of adoption is by being seen - by their faces and profiles being shared - for somewhere out there, there is a family out there for every single child - they just have to find them.
Did you pick a child ?
Did you remember their name ? Their face ?
Go back - click on their name - read their profile.
LOOK into their eyes.
Do you see them ??
Think of your own children.
Do you let them go hungry ?
Do you let them go cold ?
Could you ever abandon them ?
Can you picture them sitting in a room, day after day, with nothing to do ?
No toys.
No books.
No hugs.
Which child did you pick ?
Maybe one who is still in the "baby" house, where the children stay until they age out, and them move to institutions ?
Some baby houses are great - the kids have toys, they have fun, they are fed, they are warm, they are well staffed.
Once the child is too old - around the age of 4 or 5 - they are moved out.
Taken to a new place. New faces. Less staff. More kids. No toys. Not enough food. Cribs to sleep in. No toys. Nothing to do.
Remember the child you picked ?
Maybe they are already in an institution.
Maybe they have already lost hope.
Maybe they are already dying.

This is Kyle.
The picture on the left is Kyle at the baby house.
The picture on the right is Kyle at the institution.
Kyle didn't last long.
He died.
Remember the child you picked ?
Can you do just one thing for that child ?
Share his/her face - share the link to their profile - SHARE !!!
Every child should have hope - every child deserves to be loved - and if you don't share the child you picked - who will ??
If you can - donate - every $ makes a difference - even if you can only donate $5 - it shows you care - it grows that grant - it gives hope.
Remember the child you picked ?
Watch this video - it shows children already adopted, with their new families,
Can you picture the child you picked in loving arms ?
Can you imagine them surrounded by love ?
Every child deserves such a happy ending.
Remember - share.
Also - don't forget - for every $5 you donate to Davian or Marlowe, you get to vote on which tattoo I will get when they both reach their $1000 goal.
Will it be an angel, a rainbow, or an awareness ribbon ?
YOU choose !! 
Remember the child you picked.
See how much they have in their grant.
Even if you can't donate right now - remember them.
Bookmark the link to their profile.
Go back and check on them once in a while.
Maybe you'll watch them grow older as they wait.
Maybe they will be chosen, and you can follow their adoption journey !
Maybe, one day, they will be featured in a video, safe in the arms of love.
Please - remember them.




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